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Osun Reps Aspirant, Adereti in APC membership scandal

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 Investigation has revealed at the national headquarters of APC that one of the House of Representatives aspirants for Ife  Federal Constituency, Engr Benjamin Adereti allegedly submitted forged membership card with the number :OS/FEE/11/02648 of Ilare ward 3, Polling Unit 011  of Ife Central Local Government, contrary to section 16 of the Reps nomination form signed by him.

The constitution of APC permit only card carrying members to vote and be voted for except on rare cases of approval of waiver for those defecting from another party

Our correspondent found that Adereti's name is not in the Register of the claimed ward obtained at the national headquarters of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC). He  claimed polling unit 011 of Ilare ward 3 in the House of Representatives nomination form purchased and submitted to the party

Also, Adereti whose past job experience with MTN is currently under controversy signed the declaration section of the nomination form that all the answers, facts and particulars given in the form are true and correct to the best of his knowledge, fulfilled all the requirements for qualification for the office he is seeking to be elected, an oath he has allegedly broken.

Consequently, a member of the party, Morenikeji Olujoba has petitioned the national chairman for allowing a non member of the party to obtain nomination form. He therefore prayed that he should be replaced with any one among other aspirants  who is more eligible and acceptable, otherwise the party should be ready for a legal battle.

Reacting to the allegations, Benjamin dared the petitioner to go ahead with the allegations. He denied forging any of the details enclosed in his House of Representatives nomination and expression of interest forms.

 "Let them go ahead with their petition because it is the party they are sueing not me, when we get to the court, APC will present original membership register, then you can confirm whether I'm a member of the party or not.

"Anybody can doctor documents and present to anybody. Let them go ahead. It is the party chairman that will go ahead and defend the party. It is not my case, if the party gave me a forged document, then the party would defend itself," he noted.

On his opaque work experience with the telecommunication giant MTN, Adereti who refused to provide any information simply said, "let them go ahead" before hanging his call.

The petition against Adereti is reproduced below in full:
"I Morenikeji, a committed, registered and loyal member of our great party, All Progressives Congress (APC), Ipetumodu Ward 1 code 006, Ife Ward Local Government humbly protest against presentation of Mr Benjamin Adereti as the candidate of the party for the office of House of Representatives, Ife North Federal Constituency

"The request is based on the fact that Benjamin Adereti is not a registered member of our party and such is ineligible to contest for election according to the party and electoral law. It has also been established that he forged the membership card with number OS/FEE/11/02648 to deceive the screening committee.
This is criminal.

I hereby request
That his name should be removed from Independent Electoral Commission(INEC)
That he be replaced with any eligible and acceptable candidate amongst other aspirants
Attached are some evidences to claim his non membership and forgery

It is my sincere hope that this request  be granted accordingly to forestall any legal battle against the party"

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