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HOW TIME FLIES — Rotimi Makinde

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It's almost mind-boggling how time flies. .
When we had the opportunity to amass wealth in 2011 to 2015, we worked collectively, stood by our leaders,built this progressive party and structures that has made our dear state stand out till today.I make bold to say I touched every wards and every local government by way of empowernment. I joined the party and I  contributed a lot with others to build the party to this enviable position that has attracted all these new comers.

What else?.Are we saying doing good has no meaning in life?

Others may question my integrity,what about theirs? My Masters degree credentials may not mattersl to them,where is theirs? My religion, faith,popularity,oratory prowess and exposure may  means nothing to them but who is ever perfect in life?  Others may look for all kinds of ways to diminish my worth but what is inside me is great ,the love of my people is unequall., I was actually  born because of my people, no one can take that from me or tarnish the reason and the destiny for which I was born. This is my covenant and worth before my creator.

Service is not strange to me. It is really my degree and my experience that can never be erased or bought with that huge  money they spray around wherever they go,they can't match me words for words nor experience by experience. The ranking and experience coupled with my good record in just a term can't be manipulated like the kagaroo primary election or shaken by any individual.

Without that sense of self reliance, no amount of "pull him down" syndrome can take my kingdom's love off my heart, no amount of money can buy such  experience I have so acquired and no credentials can make them legit than I do in the eyes of those noble Obas, Chiefs,leaders and followers that  I contributed to their upliftment. I am yearning to do more, and I will do more , I plan to complete all those outstanding projects and to renew the energies in me.No matter what, you have to feel I am created by God who is above all.

My ambition however is not worth dying for.No one should go for anybodys life.I am for service and for the good of my people.I only need the leaders to ignore all those treath and fear towards July 16th..No one but God......

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