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It is now one year since the great and amiable servant of God, Founder and General Overseer of The Synagogue,  Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) and Emmanuel TV, Prophet TB Joshua answered Gods call to glory on June 5, 2021, leaving the entire world in great shock! The demise of the man of God has indeed left a vacuum that can hardly be  filled by any minister of the gospel in this generation. The Prophet commanded a huge followership across the globe that cut across racial and geographical divides. He led the SCOAN Ministry for over 3 decades and earned so much international recognition based on his powerful prophetic gift, astonishing miracles, great words of wisdom and unparalleled humanitarian activities. It is on record that the SCOAN became the hub of tourism in Nigeria for a long time. His records of achievement will continue to speak for him for generations to come. They are infallible proofs that this man was indeed a Prophet sent by God.

Another aspect of his ministry worthy of note is the fact that TB Joshua, apart from being a loving family man with a wife and 3 daughters, he also had many disciples mostly young men and women drawn from different nations across the globe whom he mentored. Some were anointed as Prophets and others Evangelists. Many of them had spent over 2 decades in training under the Prophet. But not much has been heard about these vibrant young people since after the incidence. It leaves so many questions in the minds of the teeming followers of his ministry worldwide. 

However, recently 3 of the 5 prophets have begun their own online interactive ministries and they are doing well in the areas of their callings. But this pertinent question prevails in the minds of many people: "Where are the other disciples - Prophets and Evangelists? What could they be doing now?" The answer to these questions seem to be surfacing as some of the Prophet TB Joshua's Evangelists have also unveiled their online outreach ministries which they christened Beauty Of Life Disciples World Mission (BOLD WORLD MISSION). It is noted in the scriptures that there are different gifts and different service in the Church, all aimed at the salvation of souls.  According to one of the Evangelists, quoting Prophet TB Joshua, he said, "Being a missionary is not an option; it is what we are called to be. Being a Disciple of Prophet TB Joshua was not by choice but a divine calling to serve under the anointed servant of the Most High God." According to them, "Many of us were either broken or lost in the world until God's good grace located us and brought us from both far and near to be with the Prophet for mentorship. And the man of God always told us that broken things can be useful in God's hands. So now that we have received so much from God through our mentor, we are equipped to reach out in furtherance of the Gospel mission. This has given birth to BOLD Mission.  Please click on the link below to view their maiden message.

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