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Group Raises Eyebrows Over Elemide's Third Term Agenda

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A group under the All Progressives Congress, Odeda Progressives  forum for Good Governance (OPFGG), has threw spanners at the Third term bid of a Ogun state Assembly Member, representing Odeda state Constituency , Hon. Daisi Elemide, claiming that he has not done enough for the people of the constituency to merit the Third term and that the constituency is made up of brilliant, vibrant and intelligent leaders to reposition the constituency for the better.

Speaking with Journalists in a press conference held in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun, Coordinator of the group; Mr. Ramon Salaudeen said Odeda Constituency is made up of ten (10) wards, which only have or about to spend Eight (8) years, saying other people had been marginalized for the position.

And worried by the political developments in the area, the Odeda Progressive Forum for Good Governance , said that the people of the constituency would vehemently resist any attempt to impose Elemide on them, saying he has spent enough of his life in Government, having spent another years as Chairman of Odeda local government and another 8 years in Ogun state Assembly Complex.

They said Elemide had been a major campaigner against even second term ambition of others and could not turn around to start scheming for a third term to represent them in the State House of Assembly.
They also accused him been divisive and polarized the party causing people to be split into groups that disagree with or oppose each other. He believes in divide and rules system.

The group insisted that “the people of Odeda Constituency deserve a better person, resourceful, humble and very accessible representative in the House of Assembly in 2023, but not a Elemide”.

“We strongly advise the leaders and people of Odeda Constituency  to desist from the evil plot of sponsoring and supporting the incumbent, Hon. Daisi Elemide for a third term.

"Third term is against the noble tradition of Odeda Constituency.

 Hon.Yetunde Sogbeyin  did one term (four years) and handed over to you (Daisi Elemide), which you are now serving second term, but your third term will be resisted by the people of the constituency".
These is the tradition of Odeda state assembly.
1999 to 2003 Chief Kuyooro, 2003-2007 Hon Ajibola Ogunsiji,  2007 to 2011 Hon Soyemi coker,  2011 to 2015 Hon Daisi Elemide,  2015 to 2019 Hon Mrs Yetunde Sogbein, 2019 to 2023
Hon Daisi Elemide the group said.

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