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Anxiety In Osun State Over Delay In Primary Election Results

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ILE-IFE — Supporters of aspirants for various positions in the primary elections of the All Progressives Congress held on Friday 27th of May 2022 in Osun state have been on sleepless nights as they remain at suspense after the primary election.The result are yet to be announce but yet people loyal to one aspirant or the other are congratulating them on their victories in the primary exercise, despite the fact that no even official result has been announced so far.

Majority of the aspirant and especially in the house of reps and senate categories have gone deeply to lobbied delegates only for the state to opted for direct primary at later stage,this they did to enabled all party members with valid membership cards vote for the aspirants of their choice at each ward’s collation centre of the 332 wards in the state.

The result of State assemblies election were yet to be released and so also results of the House of Representatives primary held on Friday were still being expected even as elections to pick senatorial candidates were being held.

Osun East and Central were not affected on Senatorial election owing to the fact that one person each obtained nomination for senate seats. 

Non-release of the results is making matter worst in Oriade,Ila and Ife federal constituency where violence were recorded.This however, never deterred supporters from celeberating the aspirants.

Several conflicting results were also circulated across social media platforms awarding victories to one aspirants or the other.

Meanwhile, to avoid loosing the right of protest as enshrined in the party constitution.Some aspirant have forwarded petition to the appeal committee.
The Committee in charge of the House of Representatives is also being expected to make some pronouncement.

Another Reaction


After 32 years of participatory politics I can boast that nothing in politics can be knew to me again but the conduct of APC congresses and primary only indicate the I am not fully tutored politically. I can only surmise that I am passing thru another political course that could be politics 701 because I never got beyond the master level. Even the non fictional film of Jakky Chang have have more reality than the APC primaries. Everyone is claiming victory and making us crazy. Haba while must we  retrogress in this modern age, while is Nigerian situation and workability always going back to ages of everyman for himself and no man for every body. I mean the state of nature where no govt exit.  For us to grow we have a long Long way to trek . I know some have feed fat with other people's money in the process of ambition pursuit, but if you think another person's sweat is your own gain, wait for Karma and God who is the diviner of all things to judge you. 

We are waiting for the make or marr results . This party must not fall because the labour of our heroes past shall place curse upon every person that have cause our retrogression.

Kayode Ogundele a former Ife  East Party, Chairman writes from Ile Ife

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