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Serial Child Rapist Chukwudi Opara Finally Arrested

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EARLIER: His name is Chukwudi Opara popularly known as Rabbi in our estate. When he moved in newly no one knew his wife and children for at least a year plus.

He locks them inside and does everything for them himself. The wife was not allowed to associate with anyone. His children were also not attending school frequently as he saw to it that they were shielded from everyone. He also made sure the children had no personal relationship with other children.

Glory as we later came to know as his wife gradually started coming out but does not interact with anyone. She was always looking timid and withdrawn and never happy. Not knowing she was living in bondage.

But Rabbi was interacting with everyone and everyone knew him. He was known for his POP job (Plaster of Paris). Whenever he needed to travel for any outside job he will lock his family inside and travel with the house keys. His wife and children will be indoors for the period of days he will be away for. He never thought of any case of emergency or he never cared. Sometimes he provides them with just yam which they can eat for 3 months straight.

He doesn't allow his wife work, he refused her opening a bank account, he maltreats and beats her, humiliates her in public and doesn't allow her keep her phone and yet goes about the estate bad mouthing his wife, calling her lazy and all sorts of names. Threatening to marry another wife which he tells anyone within the estate at any given time.

Last year he made a move to take one of the shops in the plaza in the estate to start a grocery business. That was how the wife started coming out and associating with people.

They had a fight over her going to church which he came there to embarrass and insult her. The fight escalated to a big one when the got home and he told the woman to move out or else he will do the undo to her. Glory moved her things out because the statement was a subtle threat to her life and dem

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