Labour Party Passes Vote of Confidence On INEC, Urged Them To Conduct Transparent, Impartial Elections - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Labour Party Passes Vote of Confidence On INEC, Urged Them To Conduct Transparent, Impartial Elections

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The third force party in Nigeria, Labour Party LP, has passed 'vote of confidence' on the INEC Chairman, Prof Mahmoud Yakubu led administration today 6th of April 2022. 

it's incumbent upon me as the Leader of Labour party in Nigeria to be very explicit with facts and emphasis must be laid to the true conduct of our country Election umpires: The Independent National Electoral Commission and its Chairman Prof Mahmoud Yakubu.

 LAccording to Bar Julius Abure, National Chairman, he said, It is now becoming clearer and much more convincing that the INEC led by  Prof  Mahmoud Yakubu is not prepared to allow or tolerate in the least  any form or appearance of a sacred Cow relating to the monitoring of all the registered Political Parties towards the fast approaching series of Elections in the Country, as all the  Parties are very much assured of a level playing ground towards 2023 .

Also, he said at a time APC was trying to play some abracadabra with its Caretaker Extra - ordinary Convention Planning Committee , INEC was resolute and firm in rejecting all and every step it considered illegal and against the provisions of the relevant laws .

Meanwhile, INEC in a response letter dated March 9 2022 and signed by its Secretary, Rose Oriaran Anthony, titled, “Re: Invitation to the emergency meeting of the National Executive Committee”, and addressed to the National Chairman of APC,   drew the attention of the party to the fact that the letter of invitation was not signed by the national chairman and national secretary of the CECPC, MAI Buni and Senator John Akpanudoedehe, respectively.
Further more, INEC said this was contrary to the provision of the Article 1.1.3 of the Commission’s Regulations and Guidelines for Political Party Operations (2018).
Also, Prof Mahmoud Yakubu out of his resolved to show his absolute the constitution of the federal republic and loyalty to  Nigerians irrespective of our  Political affiliations reminded those who wrote and signed the letter of the provision in Section 82(1) of the Electoral Act 2022, “which requires ‘at least 21 days’ notice of any convention, congress, conference, or meeting convened for the purpose of merger and electing members of its executive committees, other governing bodies or nominating candidates for any elective office.”
He  then urged the ruling party to note the key issues raised for compliance. quickly and strongly rejected the letter inviting it to a CECPC NEC meeting copiously emphasizing the illegality of the invitation letter because it was not signed by the INEC recognised Chairman and Secretary of the Committee in persons  Mai Buni and Sen Akpanmoude of CECPC.

Labour party today the 5th day of April intercepted INEC Press release titled  "ADHERENCE TO THE 2023 GENERAL ELECTION TIMETABLE AND SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES BY POLITICAL PARTIES" signed by Festus Okoye Esq ,INEC National Commissioner and Chairman, Information and Voter Education Committee who emphatically stated as follows : 

"The next activity is the conduct of primaries by political parties in line with the dictates of Section 84 of the Electoral Act for which the Timetable and Schedule of Activities provides a period of 61 days (4th April to 3rd June 2022)" 

Festus Okoye further said "the Commission wishes to reiterate that parties must adhere strictly to the principles of internal democracy, drawing from their constitutions, guidelines, the Electoral Act and other Regulations and Guidelines issued by the Commission. Their candidates for the 1,491 constituencies for which elections will be conducted in 2023 must emerge from democratic, transparent and valid primaries, in line with the provisions of Sections 29 and 84 of the Electoral Act, 2022. *_Where a political party fails to comply with the provisions of the Act in the conduct of its primaries, its candidate shall not be included in the election for the particular position in issue."

The Election umpires also said that as  required by law, the Commission shall monitor the primaries of each political party that provides the required legal notice in line with Sections 82 (1) and (5) of the Electoral Act. Failure of a political party to notify the Commission of any convention or congress convened for the purpose of nominating candidates for any of the elective offices specified in the Act shall render the convention or congress invalid.

 The import of the press release was that primaries must be conducted in the various constituencies as provided in Section 84 of the Electoral Act as it is a violation of the law to conduct primaries outside the constituencies for which parties are nominating candidates because the Commission will not monitor such primaries and their outcome will not be accepted.

They further enjoined Political parties to avoid acrimonious primaries that could result in unnecessary litigations that may lead to failure to nominate and field candidates for elections in some constituencies.

Labour party was aware that  INEC was very successful in its official intervention in the APC / MAI  Buni controversies as several cunningly woven attempt by APC in this controversial CECPC matter mentioned here were all brilliantly engaged by INEC under the capacity Prof Mahmoud Yakubu

As a political party thoroughly rooted in fair play , Equity ,Justiceand high obedience to the law , Labour Party is very impressed , thus Labour Party here qualify our  believe in the capacity of Prof Mahmoud Yakubu Led INEC and publicly without hesitation PASS a VOTE OF CONFIDENCE ON INEC. 

We are convinced INEC will deliver a fair and transparent returns in all the elections ahead including in Osun and Ekiti States even unto 2023  General Election.

I therefore  urge all the 18 registered political Parties to note for compliance all the warnings in the new INEC letter  to all the registered political Parties .

 From here on , no Party should put any blame on INEC if it fails to comply with the provisions of the law during its various internal elections and INEC disqualify such errant political Party from the elections. 

INEC has explicitly put forward all that are expected of every political Party and  Labour Party is one law abiding Party that feels at home and comfortable in obeying laws.

I therefore on behalf of the National Working Committee, National Executive Council, Board of Trustees, State Chapters, Local Government and wards Executives of  Labour Party PASS A VOTE OF CONFIDENCE on Prof Mahmoud Yakubu led INEC to conduct a free , fair and transparent general election in 2023.

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