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How Primate Ayodele Foretold President Kenyatta’s Support For Raila Odinga Ahead Of Kenya Election

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The race for who becomes the next president of Kenya after Uhuru Kenyatta has been so intense since the beginning of the year. The political atmosphere of the country has been under serious tension.

Due to the irregularities faced, it has been difficult for one to predict the moves of the political gladiators especially President Uhuru Kenyatta. However, a popular Nigerian prophet, Primate Ayodele who has been releasing prophecies concerning the election has surprised the world with a major fulfilment of his prophetic revelation regarding the election.

Several prophecies of Primate Ayodele on the election has come to pass. The tussle between DP Williams Ruto and his principal were all prophesied by this man of God in June 2021. With the way his prophecies have been playing out, it looks just like a movie but the latest development which saw President Uhuru Kenyatta endorsing Raila Odinga for presidency was never expected, though this man of God already said it in one of his prophecies.

Primate Ayodele in a prophetic statement released on January 16, 2022 categorically said the government of the day in Kenya will support Raila Odinga to become the next president of the country.

These were his words

‘’ ’If the election in Kenya is conducted today, Raila Odinga will win with a slim margin. The government of the day wants to back Raila Odinga. The deputy president, Willam Ruto should work very hard if he wants to become the president of Kenya. He should work hard and explain his manifesto because the government of the day has formed an alliance to fight him technically’’ (

Meanwhile, Primate Ayodele had on December 7, 2021 in a different publication that the president will approach Raila Odinga and join forces with him to battle the deputy president, William Ruto.

These were his words

‘’Some people want to decamp from DP William Ruto’s camp, he must be very strategic and tactical because the president wants to bring on another candidate of his choice which he will want to win. They will approach Raila Odinga to join forces together to fight Ruto’’

With the situation on ground in Kenya, it’s obvious every words that proceeded out of Primate Ayodele’s mouth concerning Kenya election has come to pass.

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