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In what seems to be a showdown of political will and sagacity, the leading contender in the Ogun State House of Assembly Constituency 2, in the person of Igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele (IWA) has decided to not leave any stone unturned in his current political foray into the legislative arm of government in Ogun State. 
The aspirant popularly referred to as IWA, a coinage from the initials of his names; Igbalaye Wasiu Ayodele,  is known for so many philanthropic gestures such as scholarships for students, monetary gift to the people, payment of hospital bills among so many other kind gestures. He has also proven to really mean business by carving out a thorough all round agenda that cuts across the needs of the entire populace in his constituency. 

This is stated and captured in his manifesto which will be his guiding principles and blueprint to bring about sustainable growth and development to his future constituents and current constituency. The manifesto goes thus:
It may come as pleasant surprise that an aspiring legislature will have the building and or maintenance of infrastructure in his manifesto. I dare say this is not a mistake but a deliberate attempt to ensure that the allocations given to members of the legislature for community projects will be made use of effectively in that regards. At this age and time, there is no paying of lips service for such a thing, especially as I see it clearly in the realms of possibilities and what can be easily achieved. 
Therefore, I will facilitate handful forms of infrastructure to better the life of my people including social amenities which includes good road network, health care, education and so many more.

Just like I have always done in the past and this bears repeating at this point even without a political portfolio, I will always prioritise the welfare of my constituents, reach out for policies and plans that will better the life of even the youngest one in my constituency. The youth remains the pillar of every nation so programs that will bring about better means of livelihood will be implemented for the sustainable upliftment of the youths. Furthermore, our traders and workers deserve better living, this is another area I won't shy away from in ensuring their total welfare. In addition, adequate care will also be given to our aged ones through community development and rural engagements programmes for the aged among us. As much as the youths deserve care and attention, providing succor for the older generation is also important as we will all be old one day and may benefit from this in the future. 

I shall without mincing words ensures accountability in the distribution of dividends of democracy across all and sundry in Abeokuta South State Constituency II without being biased or shying away from my responsibility of attending to the plight of my people.
Being accountable is one thing we take for granted in this part of the world and a major factor in the tarnishing of names of people especially public figures. I have worked tirelessly as a philanthropist in alleviating the needs and aspirations of people around me even without political affiliation. Indeed, the beneficiaries of my magnanimous nature I dare say are the ones that encouraged and guarded me into aspiring for a position in politics. I couldn't turn them down and can only promise to ensure continued Accountability and openness I'm carrying out my duties effectively once elected.

Many who have benefitted and are still benefiting from his numerous philanthropic gestures are in jubilant mood and can't wait to vote in their benefactor once the time for the polls set in which is coming soon. The mood in his constituency is boisterous and energetic with some already committing IWA to prayers for protection and success in their various denominations. There is no denying that the household name in his constituency is pulling enough weights that some aspiring aspirants have considered throwing in the towel as they can't match the popularity test against IWA, the peoples person.

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