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I am younger than my wife — Kolawole Ajewole Admits

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Kolawole Ajeyemi, who is married to Toyin Abraham, has responded to the rumor that his wife is older. 

In a recent interview with the Tribune, Kolawole Ajeyemi discussed his work, love life, background, and marriage to Toyin Abraham. 

According to Kolawole Ajeyemi, the rumor that Toyin Abraham is older than him is false because he is older than his wife and also entered the Nollywood sector before her. 

When asked about his wife Toyin Abraham being more famous and wealthy than him, Kolawole Ajeyemi claimed it was no big problem since God owns fame and wealth and distributes it freely to whoever he chooses. 

In The Interview He Said:
My wife is not older than me; I was born in 1979, as many people are aware. Those who argue over whether she is older or younger than me are the ones who generate problems between husbands and wives. I think they should quit doing it. If they do not quit, persons in the marriage should not allow such conversations to affect them. 

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