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2023 : Youth Groups back Segun Sowunmi for governorship in Ogun

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Ahead of the forthcoming general election in Nigeria, some progressive youth groups have thrown their weight behind Segun Sowunmi to contest for governor of Ogun State.

They cited his political acumen and widespread influence over the years as the reason for the choice.

In separate declarations of support, Friday, a group known as ‘Coalition of Ogun State Youths’, via the spokesperson, Nojeem Arikuyo, said their decision to wholeheartedly support Segun Sowunmi for governorship was based on his wealth of experience in politics, and his acceptability amidst the People's Democratic Party PDP youth groups.

“Segun Sowunmi is blessed with uncommon energy and zeal; committed to whatever he does.

“He rarely carries the demeanour of a tired person, you cannot overlook his relentless effort towards achieving goals in all his political endeavour,” Nojeem said.

In another support declaration, another group, Ogun Youth Vanguard, highlighted boldly Sowunmi's unwavering loyalty and devotion to the party’s activities.

The National President of the vanguard, Adesanya Adetola , said: “Segun Sowummi is a committed party loyalist with requisite exposure to take Ogun state to the promise land.

“We have no doubt in our minds that Segun Sowunmi will take party, PDP particularly the Youth wing to a greater height.

“He has paid his dues as a devoted party man. He is a Youth development expert.”

In the same vein, the Progressive Clan in its statement emphasized that: “Segun Sowunmi is a hero and dogged fighter for the youths of the People's Democratic Party PDP.”

In a four-paragraph strong-worded letter, the spokesperson of the group, Tobi Matthew, said Segun Sowunmi’s years of activism and partisan politics are glittering, full of praises and with distinctive records.

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