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Alleged victim narrates shocking details against embattled Nollywood actor

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The sexual abuse case against Nollywood actor Olarewaju James, a.k.a. Baba Ijesha, continued in Lagos today.

The defence counsel apologised for their absence at the last court sitting, and attributed that to a statutory role they had to play at a call to bar ceremony.

Before the prosecution called out witnesses to be cross examined, child rights advocate Bisi Ajayi Kayode's interview session with the said victim of alleged sexual harassment by Baba Ijesha was viewed in court.

The said victim, in the video played in court, spoke of her hobbies and about people around her — her mother, guardian, grandma and sister.

Then she proceeded to talk about the alleged sexual abuse.

According to the alleged victim, seven years ago, Baba Ijesha came to the house and asked if he should bring out his sex organ. He, according to the alleged victim, asked the girl to sit on his laps.

In response to the questions asked by the child advocate, the victim, in the video played in court, said:

“I didn’t make a sound after seeing his private part. I sat on his laps myself and removed my pant voluntarily because of the dedication of the cartoon I was watching."

The said victim reportedly said she felt a wetness and then went into the bathroom to clean herself up with a towel. Baba Ijesha, she said, didn’t say anything after everything happened.

After the first incident seven years ago, she saw Baba Ijesha the next day, the court was told.

"He parked his car away from his house and that was where he inserted his car key into my private part while trying to kiss me," she alleged.

"When he inserted the car key, I felt some type of way," she said using a doll to demonstrate how she sat on Baba Ijesha's laps.

"I sat in front of the television trying to watch cartoon," she said.

"Baba Ijesha told me to come and seat on his lap and so I did. Then he removed his private part and told me to seat on him."

The victim also carried out a demonstration concerning the alleged car key incident.

She said she told her mum on April 17th and then on April 19th to get evidence in order to charge Baba Ijesha to court.

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