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Pilot Fights Passengers Over Max Airline Flight Delay (Video)

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 A serious disagreement was recorded here inside Max Airline flight going from Abuja to Bauchi when a woman complained over the 4 hours flight delay, and the pilot and the other crew, demanded that the woman should be taken down from the flight for insulting them even though they are trying to take necessary precautionary measures to ensure safety.

The Pilot was seen particularly exchanging words with the woman while other passengers supported her and social reaction from people have shown people calling for the pilot to be sanctioned for being rude.

For some people, it's a parody of "Customers are always right" while for some others "delays can be excused for passengers safety".

Who is wrong here, the passenger or the pilot? see People's reactions on Facebook as Shared on Wall of Hajia Aisha Alubankudi.

"Max Air flight, Abuja to Bauchi after 4 hours delay a lady complaint bitterly while boarding the plane. The pilot and other crew insisted the lady must be pick out of the plane before he flight. The frustrated passengers stand in solidarity with the lady.
The Pilot Is very Rude and Need To Be Sanctioned. ~ OOO"

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