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'Why I am Eligible For Ibese Kingship Stool' — Alabede Explains

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ABEOKUTA— One of the foremost indigenes of Ibeseland in Yewa North Local government of Ogun state, Alabede Abdulganiyu has indicated interest in the Kingship stool of the land.

Alabede on Thursday while chatting with Journalists in Papa area of the state, disclosed that his several contributions to the development of Ibeseland attest to his eligibility for the Kingship stool. 

Prior to this time, the contest for the Ibese stool has been between other sons of the land (name withheld) both of whom belong to the Bamigboye family, another family who is entitled for the stool. 

The contest began after the demise of the former king.

Since the inception of the contest, Alabede has been silent over who ascend the throne untill in recent time when he surfaced with desire to become the King.

According to Alabede, the Asakan family to which he belongs is the major line in Ibeseland entitle to the throne. The Asakan family is also known as Bamigboye family. 

Stating his achievements so far, he said his Intervention in the crisis between the giant cement company, Dangote Cement Company and some indigenous youths of the land led to amicable settlement of the crisis which could have set the Ibese town on fire.

Alabede recalled that when the Indigenes of Ibese led a protest over allegation that Dangote had taken possessio of their landed property, he stepped into the matter and it was settled amicably. 

The realtor added that he was able to restore normalcy in the land during the inter-tribal crisis between the hausas and the Yorubas living in Ibese. 

His claim was that he belongs to the ruling house which is the Bamigboye family, adding that the other two persons jostling for the position belong to the Oloko family which according to him is not the authentic ruling house. 

 Alabede stated that during the crisis that engulfed the Land, no other popular and influential persons from the town could intervene. 

Also, the Asipa of Ibeseland, Jimo Ibikunle who's Alabede's younger  brother hinted that no other person is qualified for the vacant stool than his brother, adding that he (Alabede) has recommended numerous unbeatable achievements that no other persons have achieved.

According to him, since the demise of the former king, the indigenous people of the town have abandoned some important traditional rites, this he said is affecting the development of Ibeseland. 

He added that tradition festivals such as masquerade festival, gelede festival amongst others were restored through the interventions of Alabede.

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