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Tribute to Yinka Odumakin! - Sen Adeyeye

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The death of Yinka came to me as a rude shock. As indeed to most of his associates and admirers throughout the country. 

Yinka took over the baton from me as the National Publicity Secretary of Afenifere. I was privileged to serve as the spokesman of the foremost pan yoruba socio cultural and political group in its heydays under the able leadership of PA Abraham Adesanya and Chief Bola Ige. When the PDP election tsunami of 2003 swept away five of the AD state governments leaving only the Bola Ahmed Tinubu led government in Lagos as the sole survivor, I was asked by our leaders to switch over to the heavily wounded and battered AD to defend it as spokesman in what was certain to be uneasy and difficult days ahead. 

My natural successor in Afenifere was none other than Yinka Odumakin. He understood the issues and we had served together in the Political Committee of Afenifere which was the think tank of the organization. Yinka was passionate about the Yoruba cause. Having been part of the democratic struggle he was committed to its survival. He devoted his great intellect and energy to the fight for true federalism and devolution of power. He was an advocate for justice and fairness to all. 
Not everyone agreed with his methods and tactics. But none would deny that he was an effective and deadly adversary. A torn in the flesh of whoever his arrow is directed. 

He will be sorely missed no less by his dear wife, a great activist in her own right, the civil society community, Afenifere, the various pan yoruba groups which he championed and all Nigerians. 
Our condolences to his wife and our new leader pa Ayo Adebanjo who will really miss his service and companionship at this nascent moment of his tenure. 
May Yinka's soul rest in peace. 

Sen. Dayo Adeyeye, former National Publicity Secretary of Afenifere and former Minister of State for Works.

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