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I really wonder why the Nigerian government have chosen to ignore divine guidance and leading. Primate Babatunde Ayodele is one prophet that has really distinguished himself in terms of giving revelations of future occurrences .On the 22nd of December 2020,he prophesied the the south western states will experience shortage of food ,I didn't believe it because I just couldn't imagine what could bring that prophecy of his to reality,but I'm really amazed to see the prophecy get fulfilled with the recent ethnic clash between the Yoruba and the Hausa, which he also prophesied. Primate Babatunde Ayodele has decided to organise prayers for Nigeria against insecurity, killing, banditry and ethnic clashes. 

Speaking to newsmen at the headquarters of his ministry in Lagos, the highly rated prophet urged Nigerians to pray for the nation, he said "let Nigerians pray for Nigeria because the nation is sitting on a time bomb, let's pray against insecurity and ethnic crisis, banditry and killings because I see it getting more serious, I am organising a prayer from the 1st to 6th of April to pray against the above mentioned vices because they will be very alarming and unbearable".It can be recalled that the prophet prophesied the banditry, killings and insecurity will be so alarming this year, he implored the government to intensify effort in these area but the government didn't listen .He said "the kidnapping and killings will be very serious and eminent personalities will be involved ,Buhari himself needs prayers because he is confused, the people that are ruling Nigeria are unknown, Buhari is not ruling Nigeria".The cleric has been warning the government concerning what is happening in Nigeria at present, from my findings, he has been saying it for the past three years, yet, the government refused to listen until the kidnappers and bandits subdued the nation,resulting to paying ransom to kidnappers and bandits, what a shame.

It be recalled that the cleric prophesied and has it written in page 130 of his book titled "warnings to the nations" that the suit against governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo state will be delayed because the government will play politics with it because they don't want the Supreme Court to sit for it, this has actually happened because the people of Imo state are still wondering why the Supreme Court has refused to sit for the case till date, he also prophesied that an Airport will be attack and it happened exactly like that. What happened today in Ghana really will really make people to believe in Ayodele and see him as an international prophet;some Ghanaian prophets prophesied the Supreme Court will sack Nana Ado Kuffor, but Ayodele said "Nana Ado Kuffor will be sworn in and he will finish his tenure, mark my word",today, just like the word of an oracle, it has happened.

Primate Ayodele has enunciated that neither Frank Ibezim nor Ifeanyi Ararume will represent Imo north in the Senate, he still maintained that Chief Emmanuel Okewulonu is the chosen one for that seat.He  mentioned some Nigerians and told them to pray for their health, it was not long he gave this prophecy, an emir died.He has just warned the members of the house of representatives and the Senate to pray against death .He still maintained the Buhari's government is treating security issues with levity ,he said "we keep hearing news of kidnapping and killings on daily basis, you tend to wonder what solution the government has for these menace, it's really worrisome,last week, 300  students were kidnapped in Zamfara state, just some days ago 50 in Niger state and lots more, it's apparent that the government doesn't have an answer to all these issues,if Buhari knows that he is not capable, let him resign"

The cleric said that he is not bother that the north have decided to keep food stuffs away from the west, he said "let the North keep their food, let the people of the southwest go back to farming,let them start rearing goat and cattle,we can survive without them".He said that there will be fire outbreak in Nigeria Army headquarters, this sounded strange,but it happened 

He has warned the government to be very careful of a protest that may take place again in Nigeria between 2021 and 2022,he said that if the government does not handle it carefully, it can bring the government down,he said that international community will interfere into the affairs of Nigeria. He said that pinnick will win the seat into the FIFA council and he also prophesied that the southAfrican billionaire ,Patrice Motsepe will become the CAF president because some of the opponents will step down for him.Ayodele prophesied the religious  and ethnic crisis which is happening in Nigeria at present, he also prophesied the attack on churches, fire outbreak and gas explosions.He warned Lagos, Osun, Ondo, and Oyo should pray against the death of any local government chairman in the state,they should pray against the death of any aide to the governor .

Finally, it's important to note that the cleric is also a philanthropist who also engages in community development, that's why Ejigbo local government Council recently awarded him for his indelible role in community service and development. I sincerely think that it's about time Nigeria adhered to divine leading in order to tackle insecurity and other vices that are affecting the nation negatively. Nigeria is blessed with great prophets whose prophecies always get fulfilled, why not consult them for spiritual leading?,primate Ayodele warned the government concerning insecurity, told that kidnapping, killings and banditry will reign so much in Nigeria, instead of the government to get prepared and tackle these heinous crimes, they ignored and treated the prophecy with flippancy. Today, the entire nation is suffering from their negligence, nobody is safe in Nigeria, not even me, the writer.

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