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Four Things Primate Ayodele Said About Buhari’s Administration Years Ago That Is Happening Now

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Prophecies are meant to speak into the future, they are meant to reveal things that people don’t know about, they are meant to unveil mysterious thing about a particular subject.

Prophecies are always said by prophets, a country or nation without a prophet will definitely perish because there will be no direction from God.

Nigeria is blessed with a Prophet like Primate Ayodele who has been revealing things for many years, and is still relevant till now. During the beginning of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, Primate Ayodele revealed somethings that will happen but many didn’t take it serious, and unfortunately, there are happening now.

First of all, Primate Ayodele talked about the increase in petrol price, He revealed then that the price of petrol will increase and that was when Petrol sold for N145/Litre. He stated that the price of petrol will still be increased, and we all have seen what is happening now.

Secondly, Primate Ayodele talked about the price of Dollar to naira in the international market. This was in 2020, He stated in an interview that he foresees that Dollar will still exchange for N500 against naira. In November 2020, Dollar exchanged for 500 naira and till now, in the black market, it stlll exchanges for that much

Thirdly, On Minimum Wage, still in 2020, Primate Ayodele revealed that some governors will not be able to pay N30,000 and it will cause some issues in the country. Just last week, we saw the NLC protesting in all parts of Nigeria against the removal of minimum wage in the budget because some governors claim not to be able to afford it.


Lastly, Primate Ayodele revealed that Kidnapping will take a new dimension under Buhari’s administration and that has been happening just as he said them, the way kidnapping has become rampant in the northern part of Nigeria is alarming, there is not a day when kidnapping don’t occur. It has never been this bad, and this has confirmed the prophecy of primate ayodele.


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