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The year has just began,several prophets across the globe have given different prophecies,giving people and nations divine guidance and leading. I'm  not really a religious person but I like giving issues   the required attention. I discovered that most of the calamities,killings and banditry that occurred in Nigeria were prophesied by Primate Babatunde Ayodele,by this time last year, Rev. Father Mbaka generated so much hatred and controversy when he prophesied the removal of Emeka Ihedioha by the Supreme Court ,people labeled him an "arrangee prophet" but it happened.

Pastor Adeboye prophesied that there will be a spillover from the happenings of last year in to this year, Primate Olabayo said that the judiciary and the political call will not escape their doom this year. Rev. Father Mbaka warned Buhari to to careful and Change his policies to accommodate the youths "dont politicise the conditions of the youths, otherwise they will arise and end the political system".primate Ayodele prophesied that this year will not be palatable year and that corona virus will kill many prominent people, that's already happening. 

Primate Ayodele is one prophet that has distinguished himself, I started having interest in his prophecies when he prophesied the coming of corona virus pandemic, he is the only prophet that saw it coming,he gave the prophecy in 2017,he also prophesied that the spread of the virus will prompt "lockdown" which many nations of the world embraced in order to curtail the virus, the accuracy of his prophecies is what baffles me. When he said that Donald Trump will be disgraced out of office, I didn't believe it, but look at what is happening in America today, he prophesied the death of a former military administrator,he prophesied the second surge of corona virus, he prophesied the recent tanker explosion in Lagos,he released a list of monarchs and told them to pray against death, few days after he released the list, Olu of Warrri who unfortunately appeared on the list died. What surprises me is that  he has prophecies for people in every endeavour of life.

Anyone who is current with the happenings in Nigeria will agree with me that our government is dazed and confused because of the high rate of killings in the country, killing, kidnapping and banditry is on the increase on daily basis, even the governors are not safe. Nigeria obviously need spiritual leading and guidance at this moment since most of the prophecies of our clerics always happen.I can remember that Primate Ayodele prophesied the massacre  in Borno state but everyone ignored him;he was so specific to mention the particular local government that the  massacre took place. I want you to know that the essence of prophecies is to warn us against things or prepare  us for things ahead, you must know that prophecies could change if one prays concerning the issue, but when one refuses to admit or believe the prophecy, doom awaits the person. The wall of Jericho would not have fallen if not for spiritual leading and guidance, Nigerian government really need to do something drastic to change the situation of things in the country because the wisdom of man means foolishness to God. God reveals calamities to his prophets so that people can pray and avert the impending danger,i can remember that Ayodele asked Nigerians to join him to pray for Nigeria, from 1st to 14th of January .It is obvious that the issue of insecurity and other ills that is happening in Nigeria is beyond our government, the bible says "for by strength shall no man prevail",we certainly need to follow divine leading from God because that's the only way we can tackle the problems of the nation.

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