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Sahara reporter goofed in "prophecies that missed the mark in 2020"

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We have to give accurate assessment and evaluation on sensitive issues before we write as journalists because our articles go deep into people's heart because they believe that they are accurate and verified. Sahara reporters went ahead to criticise our respected clerics in Nigeria that their prophecies in 2020 did not happen ,their long list had, Adeboye, kumuyi, Ayodele ,Olagunju, Suleman,Oyedepo,Oyakhilome,T.B Joshua and Omale .According to the report, Adeboye said "This year (2020) unless we pray very hard ,it is going to behave like a child that is having convulsion.Earthquakes and volcanoes that have been dominant for years will erupt because of sin,which is becoming more rampant".I want you to see that word "unless",that's the key word in his prophecy; to be very candid, if we are looking for a year that the entire world recognised the supremacy of God, 2020 is number one, the corona virus pandemic prompted the world to pray and asked God for mercy which actually averted more impending calamities,this very prophecy got fulfilled, my dear Sahara reporters. 

According to the report, Primate Babatunde Ayodele of the Inri Evangelical spiritual church church prophesied "democracy will cause many problems and will break Nigeria.I foresee a future referendum coming".The report concluded that these prophecies were unfulfilled;it is really laughable, anyone that understands English language properly will know that this man of talking of the future, not really the year 2020,is democracy not causing problems in Nigeria?.One major problem that will envelope Nigeria is "zoning",the Igbos are warming up to produce the next president because according to the zoning arrangement, it's their turn to produce the next president, should the Igbos don't get it in 2023,won't it bring great problem to Nigeria?.He also prophesied "future referendum", Afenifere and Ohaneze Ndi Igbo and other stakeholders have been clamouring for a referendum and I know that a referendum is really imminent in Nigeria because many people are aggrieved, on the issue of of Nigeria breaking up, the cleric has never stated or prophesied that Nigeria will break up now but he has enunciated that Nigeria will not be together until 2035.

Another one is "Ayodele said that the government of Buhari would expose some former governors of corruption in 2020,instead,a former governor who had been on trial for a long time now,Orji Kalu, got out of jail".The fact that the government of Buhari exposed and found him guilty of corruption, which finally led to his imprisonment, Ayodele's prophecy has been fulfilled, the fact that a criminal was pardoned and released from prison doesn't mean that he didn't commit the offence. It might interest you to also know that Joshua Dariye, the former governor of Plateau state, was also sent to prison by this same government of Buhari, this is a total fulfillment of Ayodele's prophecy. 

Another point is "the prophet said he foresaw the presidential villa moved from its present location to another where a new one will be built",did Ayodele tell you that it will happen in 2020?,Ayodele only said this as a divine revelation of what God has shown him, but he never said that it would happen in 2020,he still maintained that the villa will certainly be moved away from its current location. 

Finally, another one is "Apart from this, Nigeria will experience what they have never been experiencing before.I foresee earthquakes, landslides and earth tremor in Nigeria".It's very obvious that the writer of the article lacks spiritual knowledge, I was present  at the press conference, he never said that it would happen in the year 2020,though as at the time he gave this prophecy, Nigeria experienced landslides and earth tremor, please make your findings."Prophecies that missed the mark in 2020" lacks credibility because proper research and investigations were not conducted before the article was written. 

Below are 21 fulfilled prophecies from Primate Ayodele:

1.Ayodele is the only living prophet that gave the prophecy concerning corona virus, two years earlier before the pandemic came ravaging the entire world.

2.The killing of the Iranian commander by the Americans. 

3.Ayodele prophesied that Joe Biden was going to become America president,even before Biden became the flag bearer of the democrats. 

4.Ayodele correctly prophesied Kamala Harris as the running mate to Joe Biden. 

5.Ayodele prophesied that Boris Johnson was going to become the Prime Minister of Britain and it happened. 

6.The failed impeachment of Donald Trump.

7.The third term agenda of Quattra, the president of Ivory Coast. 

8.The Tanzanian election.

9.The Togolese election.

10.The victory of Douye Diri of Bayelsa state. 

11.The fire outbreak in Kara 

12.The ouster of Oshomole. 

13.The death Abba Kyari 

14.The armed banditry in katsina state.

15.The massacre in Borno state by Boko Haram 

16.The death of Diego Maradona.

17.The attack on churches by Boko Haram.

18.The explosion in Abule Ado. 

19.The protest by Nigerian youths. 

20.Police reform.

21.The death of Olu of Warri.

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