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‘You are not the one that will actualise Biafra’ – Primate Ayodele tells Nnamdi kanu

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The founder of INRI Evangelical spiritual church, primate Babatunde Ayodele has made a stunning revelation concerning the agitation of the Igbos towards having their own sovereign nation. Many people believe that Nnamdi kanu is the man that will actualise the ultimate dream of the Igbo speaking tribe in Nigeria, Primate Ayodele, who is considered as the leading world prophet at the moment, having prophesied the coming of covid-19,two years earlier, having accurately prophesied the outcome of the Us presidential elections,has stunned everyone by saying that neither Nnamdi Kanu nor Ralph Uwazuruike will make Biafra a reality.
Speaking to newsmen at the headquarters of his ministry yesterday in Lagos, the cleric said “it must be made known to everyone that neither Nnamdi Kanu nor Ralph Uwazuruike will make Biafra a reality, Biafra will come on its own because it’s in God’s divine agenda, no amount of prayer can keep Nigeria together because God is in support of the break up that will happen in Nigeria”.He further stated that God is not happy with the regime of Buhari, he said “I am a prophet of the most High God, I speak the mind of God, I’m neither a member of CAN or PFN, I don’t collect money from anyone because I stand for the truth, I have said it that Buhari should resign now because he is not capable of ruling Nigeria”.He stressed that the killings and insecurity in the country is very alarming and disheartening ,he said “if  Buhari refuses to sack his service chiefs between now and February next year, the rate if killings, kidnapping and total insecurity in Nigeria will be at zenith and it will prompt international communities will  interfere with our issues in Nigeria”.

Primate Ayodele is obviously the number one prophet on the world at the moment,his prophecies has gone so global that the Democrats and the Republican Party of the United States had to contact him for divine assistance, as a prophet of God, he had to tell them the mind of God towards their requests. In  his recent prophecies, he said that the era of the Queen of England will soon be over and prince Charles will become king,he said that Joe Biden will be sworn in, but he needs to pray against health challenge.He has told John Mohama what to if he wants to win the Ghana presidential election and rule the nation again.
I have been following Primate Ayodele’s prophecies, two things amazes about his prophecies, he gives them years or months earlier, he gives details of how it will happen.God can not come down from heaven to talk to you, he has his prophets, those he furnishes and empowers with divine revelations in order to help mankind. The children of Israel were able to conquer and win various wars in the bible because they had a prophet that gave them spiritual leading.
The Bible said”By a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, And by a prophet he was preserved”.Prophets are very important because they give us spiritual guidance,i wonder why some people insult him by calling him a political prophet, he should rather be praised for being in the realm that God can show him things concerning Nigeria and other nations of the world;he is a great philanthropist that provides for indigents, widows and the youths, that’s why the United Nations decided to honour him with the “Eminent Ambassador of Peace Award”,besides other awards he has received. He also told PDP that Aminu Tambuwal and Bukola saraki are the people that can help the party in the race of 2023 election.He advised Atiku Abubaka not to contest again because he will never get it.He talked about the governor of Imo state, he said “Hope uzodinma  need to be careful if he doesn’t want to be removed as governor of Imo state because it’s not over yet”.He also warned Ahmed Tinubu not to contest the 2023 presidential election because he northerners will conspire to flaw his moves, he said “tell Tinubu not to waste his resources because he will never become the president in 2023”.He made it clear that northerners will not allow him to become the president of Nigeria .He warned local government chairmen in Lagos State to pray against the death of anyone among them, he is also reiterating the same warning . He also said that it’s not all the speakers that will complete their terms ,he said that people should pray against the death of any former governor and any attack on any present governor’s convoy or serious illness.

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Finally, I must  conclude to say that it’s totally absurd and unreasonable for Nigerian government to continue to ignore Ayodele’s prophecies, yet it keeps getting fulfilled. He prophesied the recent massacre the occurred In Borno state, he was very precise to mention the particular village and local government in his prophecies ,yet they ignored it. He even warned the king that was murdered in Ondo,yet he didn’t listen to divine warnings, he would imagine that a king of such magnitude will be murdered like a cow, it’s really pathetic,as an individual, I don’t joke with what a prophet tells me, especially if the prophet is known for precision and accuracy like Ayodele, there’s rarely  any major event that occurred in Nigeria or the world at large that Ayodele did not prophesy ahead of time;since he is the one that God has chosen to be giving divine revelations concerning major happenings in the world.

The bible says in the proverbs 29:18,according to New International Version “where there is no revelation ,people cast off restraint; but blessed in the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction”,the divine guidance is very important and paramount, the government should learn to listen and adhere to leading of the spirit of God, that’s the only way tackle future problems and adversities.

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