Terrorists have infiltrated Lagos and other southwest states, Primate Ayodele cries out. - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Terrorists have infiltrated Lagos and other southwest states, Primate Ayodele cries out.

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Primate Babatunde Ayodele of Inri Evangelical spiritual church is obviously one of the prophets that has so many fulfilled prophecies to his credit,thus, the government need to pay for attention to this great man of God since most of his prophecies gets fulfilled. He recently prophesied the death of Malian opposition leader Soumaila Cisse,few days after he told Nollywood to pray against the death of a famous movie producer, the movie industry lost Chico Ejiro. Ayodele listed out some kings and them to pray against death, unfortunately Olu of Warri that was one of those he listed died, he said that their will be increase in VAT in Nigeria   and it happened,he also prophesied the fire outbreak in the Abuja market,the attack on churches by  Boko Haram jihadist. The cleric is sending a great warning to Lagos State and the government of other southwest states because he said that terrorists have infiltrated the region. 

Speaking to newsmen recently in Lagos as he released his prophecies for the year 2021 few days ago, he said "Lagos State and other states in the southwest should be careful and pay great attention to security in the region because terrorists have infiltrated Lagos and other states the west,there will be serious security challenges in the region next year".Nigeria is currently the third most terrorised nation in the world with Boko Haram sect most of the attacks.He told Nigeria and the world at large to pray because 2021 will not be a palatable year economically, he warned governor Obaseki to be very careful because his political enemies want to disgrace him.

He also warned governor Aminu Tambuwal to be very very if he truly wishes to realise his dreams to rule Nigeria, he said "Tambuwal has a very good chance but he must work very hard to clear the impediments that I'm seeing, otherwise he will not get it,he must seek God for him to be able to rule Nigeria".The cleric went ahead to correct a misleading publication concerning him, he said "I never said that someone will be kidnapped in villa, I only stated that Villa will have security issues and that staff should be careful so that none of them will be kidnapped".

Talking more about what to expect in 2021,the cleric said "I see drama in supreme Court, there will leakage of some secret documents that will cause uproar in Nigeria, Miyetti Allah is a terrorist group, if Buhari government is supporting them, it means that they are supporting terrorism,Boko Haram is being sponsored by Emirs and politicians and the days of Abubakar Shekau are numbered".He further said that president Buhari need prayers because he does not have the capability to move this nation forward because corruption will continue to envelope Buhari's government,fraud will be discovered in NNPC,he said that the nation should pray against the death of a judge and CBN must pray against the death of a very prominent person,there will be tanker,gas and pipeline explosions and climate conditions will generate a lot of problems, some airlines  be consolidated, some will experience crisis.On the issue of corona virus, the cleric said that there will be complications on the of getting a thorough vaccine that will cure the sickness, he maintained that the sickness will kill more prominent people in Nigeria and in Africa, he said that the sickness has come to stay. 

Lastly on the international scene the cleric said Joe Biden will perform better than Donald Trump but he will have health challenges, he further said that the Queen of England will be indisposed in the course of the year, United Nations will witness the death of some staff who are on the field,Boris Johnson will disagree with EU over certain issues and some countries will be agitating for their independence .

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