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We will not accept defeat on this conditions - Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump Team has said that they will not accept the results that came out from this year United State of America election which saw Joe Biden of Democrat Party beat incumbent president and candidate of Republican party, President Donald Trump.

According to the Trump team they are not accepting the result and they are not expecting any media house or persons to ask them to because they believe that the election was stealing from there candidate.

They also said that they are going to court and people should allow the legal way to have its cause.

President Donald Trump have in different twitter accused the process of this year election as fraud, he accused the Democrat party of stealing the votes just to favor them.

Recall that Supreme court has rule in favor of President Donald Trump by asking the electoral empires in Pennsylvania to separate the late mail votes from the early vote which was not yet down as the state has already announce there result which Joe Biden won. But a statement has not been made from the Governor of Pennsylvania on the ruling from the Supreme Court.

Here is the video link that you can watch the speech from Trump Team


Video source: Fox News

The video was also shared by President Donald Trump in his Twitter handle.

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