"Stop Wallowing In Self-Pity, Stop Hating On You" - Actress Toyin Abraham Turns Motivational Speaker. - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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"Stop Wallowing In Self-Pity, Stop Hating On You" - Actress Toyin Abraham Turns Motivational Speaker.

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Popular actress, Toyin Abraham has taken to her Instagram page to advise her fans and followers to stop living in self pity and  hating on themselves.

According to the actress, people should learn to be grateful for what they can afford and have.

Read her post below...

“Yorùbá máa ń sọ pé Ọlọ́run ò dá gbogbo wa bákannáà, and it is why I’ve come to realize that God didn’t create all of us to live one another’s lives, but to live to the fullest, the life He wants for everyone of us, individually. Ẹ mọ̀ pé èmi ma bá a yín sọ òótọ́ ọ̀rọ̀, I know we live in a world where it is so easy to daily compare our lives to other people’s, but the truth is, there is no wisdom in letting social media glitz and glamour frustrate you into giving yourself the permission to put yourself down and convince you that you’re not doing well (enough).⁣

⁣Believe me, I know that life’s not easy. I know that you feel like you’re growing older, and you haven’t even achieved one quarter of the things that you’ve planned for your life. I know you’re done with school, and there’s no job yet. I know that sometimes you do feel like everybody’s moving forward and you’re being left behind. I know that you’re tired, of being your supporter, friend, encourager… I know you feel exhausted, but don’t give up! Everything is going to be alright! Life is not a smooth-sailing boat, and you’ve got to trust that even in your pressing labour, God still has plans for you! You’re not a mistake. Elédùmarè kìí ṣe àṣìṣe. Life doesn’t hate you, and neither are you better off dead! Only the living can be hopeful. ⁣

⁣Don’t let the troubles of now tell you that tomorrow will never be any different. Focus more on yourself than you’re invested in other people’s being and living. Nobody deserves your attention more than you! All the attention you give to wishing for other people’s lives, pour it into yourself. Ask yourself – am I under-utilizing my potentials? Am I self-sabotaging? How can I improve my skills and develop myself for better opportunities? Trust God with all of your heart. Adúró d’Olúwa kìí jogún òfo.⁣

⁣Be grateful for all that you are, have and can afford! One thing comparison never fails to do, is that it blocks your sense of gratitude. It tells you that there’s nothing to be grateful for, but it’s a lie. Gratitude opens new doors. Stop wallowing in self-pity. Stop hating on you now. Ohun tí ò tó, ń bọ̀ wá ṣẹ́kù.”

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