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Biden Leads Donald Trump In The Latest US Presidential Election Results

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Joe Biden`s lead is reported to have suddenly disappeared in Lowa, Georgia, Ohio and North Carolina according to the new poling average released by the RealClearPolitics.

According to the emerging reports, Donald Trump is now leading in these four critical States in a twinkle of an eye, though, Trump`s lead in the four states has been questionable as reported by Nate Cohn of the FiveThirtyEight.

However, many Americans believes that if the elections are handled with fairness, Biden who has received a huge support from the Former United States President Barack Hussein Obama might take victory at home today.

The RealClearPolitics are reported to have given Biden a 7.2 per cent National lead despite the sudden shift of lead between the two political heavy weight.

Obama has continued to call Americans to support Biden till the last minutes through streets` campaigns, one on one quest for votes and telecommunication mediums.

However, emerging reports confirms that Biden is slowly taking the lead according to US Elections Project watchdog which has revealed that Biden has won 85 of the 270 Electoral Colleges, which his rival; Trump has won 72.

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