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NUMW Demands Protection Kits For Industrial Workers In Ogun State

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Abeokuta - The Nigeria Union of Mine Workers, Ogun state council under the leadership of Comrade Alh. Fasiu Abiola, Chairman who doubles as Auditor 1 of Nigeria Labour Congress in the state has demanded for PPEs for it's members working under the Chinese management companies in Nigeria.

According to him, There was an industrial accident here on Saturday where we lost one of our members and then we have been engaging this Chinese management for so many months now that they need to provide PPEs for our members that is working there. If the guy was putting on helmet on his head that day, this unfortunate incident won't have happened at all. But, all of our efforts to give them condition of service, to give them PPEs, all what we have been trying to make sure they provide all these things, they did not agree with us. That is why we lost one of our members and it is very unfortunate because everybody is saying lot of good things about the boy.
Now, we are going to let the management know that until they provide all the necessary equipment for members in the quarry, that is when they will be able to start work again.

With this situation, we are not going to allow the management to start work until they provide good condition of service and the PPEs. I see no reason why someone will be working inside Quarry without putting on helmet, safety boot. I believe this time around, enough is enough.

We are taking drastic action against bad treatment of our members, not until we lose another person again. All the Quarries in Ogun state, we must make sure they provide PPEs for their workers and that one is not negotiable.

Concerning the agitation, the Nigeria government has been trying their own part, but it is not enough until when every Nigerian knows that Nigeria belong to us. All what we cannot do in the foreign countries, the foreigners are doing it here. There are rules and regulations when the foreigners are coming to Nigeria and they must follow all these guidelines before they can work in Nigeria and we believe the Nigeria government is going to support this course. 

According to Olatunde Paul, a witness who spoke with our correspondent, It was in the course of working that one of the Chinese that was in a place we called down Quarry and he said he wanted to be going to Up quarry where. He asked Femi to drop him at the Up Quarry which is more like the residential part of the Quarry. It was on his way back that he met the misfortune, he was now aware he was between two trucks due to the dust that covered everywhere and unfortunately before he could discovered, he already met with his death.

We rushed him to the hospital, but he gave up the ghost before we got to the hospital.

Femi is an easy going person, he does not go beyond his boundary and he is very hardworking.

We were only working here, they are not taking care of us. Even before we got boot we use, it was hell. Where we live is not convenient

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