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I must start by proudly and loudly congratulate Ogun State and her citizens on the occasion celebrating Nigeria at 60 from two very impactful fronts , on one front for being lucky to have Prince Dapo Abiodun in Ogun State and PMB at the center simultaneously. It is a great grace to be so doubly lucky. 

These men are leaders who have since quite proudly raised the bar of good Governance so clearly beyond doubts , reasonable doubts and even unreasonable ones.

 Ogun State may be considered the most politically enlightened State in the Nation. It is the State , that has produced one President elected but mischievously denied proclamation , even though apologies have been tendered and accepted on this. 

Second one was  very brief in office as  Interim  President and lastly the third had two - tenure 11 year long President which encompasses One 3 year military tenure and the other 8 years civilian presidency

Critics of the current Government are numerous and in variables of the bad, the ugly and the good. Prince Dapo Abiodun as Ogun State Governor in the last 17 months or so has stamped very authoritatively his capacity - grown competence on the State's Governance.

Prince Dapo Abiodun came on seat as the leader of Government from a position many considered as weak politically and they even insinuated that he was even caged by the intimidating power - brokers who supported PDA to emerge electorally as Mr Governor . 

These ugly and bad Critics went to town from day one to paint the new Governor as a paw of the some powerful Godfathers and despite the much acrimonious process of handing over by the Hitlerite outgoing Governor and his aides . 

The first few months were practically challenging for the new Governor as a result of power and influence peddling by the extremely powerful political power - brokers who supported his Candidacy.

 However , PDA being who he is , an astute political strategist firmly in control of his thought process and political perceptions in respect of what to do , how and when , politically gallantly rendered all the ugly and bad Critics impotent , irrelevant and disoriented by his calculated steps as he unfolded the ingenuity and competence in him as an Administrator. The politically political Prince Dapo Abiodun suddenly after a couple of months threw most of his Critics into active political inconveniences.

The bad and the ugly Critics suddenly began to cluelessly give different interpretations to things as easy and clear as " honesty" in the process of trying to criticise the Government in their usual destructive manner and on very untenable premises. In the process they started to subject simple analysis to all kinds of silly  complexities and sorts of bogus reading. 

These now  de - winged destructive Critics whenever they now want to engage in their false expertise in manufacturing and floating lies and untruths into the political space with the intention of bending the public mind. Currently , these PDA Critics  caged by capacity and competence have grown into wearing the image of the " devil's advocate",no matter how untenable and nauseating an issue is , they would shamelessly propagate it with the cooperation of the compromised and corrupted arm of of some disgruntled fake Press corps 

 It is quite very easy to extend a glorious congratulations to PDA and the Government he leads , considering the level of success that he has acquired in good Governance in Ogun State. This is evident in the very many commendable developmental projects already completed , nearing completion and still in progress across the length and breadth of the State fairly and evenly distributed.

It would have been very much easy to enumerate these high class projects here but the factor of relevance make it unnecessary as the intention of this piece doesn't accommodate it.

Meanwhile, I once again congratulate the Government of Prince Dapo Abiodun and the people for the joy , satisfaction and the fulfillment they share as a result of realising the benefits of democracy voted for and delivered in the State.

Ogun State is one State where the benefits of democracy are delivered without some self - serving noise. Thanks to the experience of an acknowledged sound Administrator at the helms of the State's Governance in the person Prince Dapo Abiodun.

Once again to the patriotic Nigerians who have confidence , trust and love for the emerging new and highly promising Nation with potentials far beyond the scope of understanding of the seperatists.

It is well with Nigerians and Nigeria , particularly with Ogun State and her  Citizens. A healthy Independence Celebration .

Comrade Gentleman ARABAMBI ABAYOMI

Immediate past Ogun  Ipac Chairman

Ogun State Chairman LP

Ag National Vice Chairman Southwest Labour Party


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