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Nigeria @ 60: High Chief (Dr)Selky Kile Torughedi (General Young Shall Grow) Salutes Resilience of Nigerians

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It gives me great satisfaction as a patriotic Nigerian to address you today October 1st, 2020, on the occasion our Dear Country Nigeria  sixtieth(60th) Anniversary, marking sixty (60) years since we were handed our Flag of Independence as a Sovereign Nation.

According to the press statement signed by High Chief (Dr) Selky Kile Torughedi (aka General Young Shall Grow),
Grand Commander, Nigerian Youths (NYCN), Turakin Matasa (NYAN), Exactly Sixty (60) years ago, our founding fathers saw the actualization of their dream of having a Nation led by their fellow countrymen. On this day sixty (60) years ago, our founding fathers were united in Joy and hope that their children now had a country of their own. It calls for sober reflection on the journey so far, putting in perspective the errors of the past in other to make the future better.
May I use this opportunity to first of all Congratulate all Nigerians on for the journey so far as a united Nation. The theme for the 2020 Independence Day Celebration "Together at 60" is a reminder that we have come a long way as a Nation haven gone through experiences that should have led to the demise of our nation but we are still together. It is a pointer to the strength of the bond of our brotherhood which binds us together. We should not take each other's patience and understanding for granted moving forward.
We have come this far because of our resilience as a people and our determination to make our lives better despite the harsh realities that we are daily confronted with.

The 2020 Independence Day Celebration titled "Together at 60" is special because it calls our attention to the fact that we are confronted with a lot of challenges globally, which has been compounded by the outbreak of the deadly Novel Corona Virus; yet we have survived so far, together. Let me quickly use this opportunity to remind all Nigerians to remember that we must all endeavour to wash our hands with soap and running water regularly, use hand sanitizers and observe social distancing. We have survived so far and will continue to do so until we finally defeat the virus.

Nigeria has come of age as a Nation because of the contributions and labour of our great Leaders (dead and alive)who took over leadership of this Nation as young people and have continued to add to this Nation even on to this day. This is a quick reminder to our young people that we can be useful even in our youth. We can take responsibility for our Locality, our Local Government, State and Nation. We can contribute constructively and not destructively.

May I use this opportunity to speak to my brothers and sisters, the strong and resilient young people of Nigeria at home and in diaspora, who have proven that there is reward in hard work. I want to use this opportunity to remind them of their hard work thus far in the areas of Political Administration, Economy, Sports/Creative Industry and Health.

It is without doubt that Nigerian Youths have been the driving force of our Political administration and development. The 21st Century has seen a renaissance of young people into political administration. Many of whom are now State Assembly Members, Governors, Ministers, Reps Members, Senators etc. Many have done their part in their little ways, however, more can still be done. We can change the narrative in many areas, starting from the point where we no longer engage ourselves in Political Violence but advocate for a credible electoral process and Good Governance. If we can achieve that, not minding what the naysayers think, we will salvage what is left of our future and handover what is due to our children in good time.

Nigerian Youths have over the years defied the odds and have made good out of the economic woes of the last two decades. Despite the economic challenges especially that which was occasioned by the outbreak of the deadly Corona Virus, Nigerian Youths have since returned in search of their livelihoods, through honest ventures and productive means. The economic recovery currently being experienced in our markets, our streets and homes is as a result of the efforts of Nigerians who have shown that they have the capacity to survive the odds and make something out of nothing.
It is important to note that the recent hike in the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) popularly known as Petrol, as well as the increase in Electricity Tariff, have brought untold hardship on Nigerians, there is need for the Federal Government, led by His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR, MNI) to consider ways through which this hardship can be alleviated. We are appreciative of the efforts put in place to stimulate economic growth through various palliatives to individuals, families and businesses through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), more can still be done to reach more Nigerians.

In the area of security, our gallant men and women of the Military and other Security agencies have continues to ensure our safety and security despite the activities of Bokoharam and Bandits in the North, Kidnapers and Killers in the Central Nigeria and other acts of criminality in the South East, South West and South-South which undermine our peace and unity as a Nation. We must therefore stand in unity to condemn these acts of violence against our humanity. The life of every Nigerian matters. We encourage men and women of the Military and other Security agencies to continue the good work, our prayers are with them.

Nigerians have done well in the areas of sports and creativity, they have been one of the only unifying points where we see every actor/actress, musician and athlete as a Nigerian, we celebrated together when they won and felt it when they lost, regardless of ethnic, religious or political differences. We must carry this same spirit into other spheres of life and be our brother's keepers. I salute the resilience of our sports men and women, those in the creative industry who through personal sacrifices and hard work have made Nigeria and Nigerians proud.

May I use this opportunity to also salute Nigerians who work tirelessly to ensure that lives are saved in our health sector, we do not take your efforts for granted. This is done normally under challenging conditions of service and low motivation. Yet they have continued to save lives regardless. During the peak period of the outbreak of COVID-19, they were over stretched and risked their lives to ensure that the situation was brought under control. I salute young men and women, Doctors, Nurses and other complementary and auxiliary health workers who have been up and doing to rescue the situation. May I use this opportunity to extend my heart felt condolences to all Nigerians who lost their beloved ones to the deadly Corona Virus.

The Journey has not been easy but Nigeria will Survive. The Labour of our Heroes Past, will not be in vain. We must continue to speak to ourselves with the language of love and unity. Nigeria is our only God given heritage, we must work together to ensure that it works for the benefit all of us and our unborn children. It is our home.
Once again, Congratulations to Nigerians, the next phase of our country's progress depends on us. We must correct our errors of the past, and look to the future in hope.

Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!
Thank you and God bless!

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