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The Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo has eulogizes Ayikondu and his entire family, describing him as a saviour, powerful warrior, strong and reliable.

Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo said this while addressing the Ayikondu's family during a visit to his palace yesterday Wednesday 29th September 2020 in celebration of the Ogun festival of Igbehin people.
Historically, Ogun Festival is observed by the Yoruba people of Nigeria, whose religion is based on ancient oral traditions and this Ogun festival is the only festival among Igbehin people.

Omo Lamurudu media gathered that the commencement of the festival is always been observed by Ayikondu family thereafter followed by the different family in Igbehin.
During the visit to the palace the family were warmly received as the family head, Alhaji Saidu Ogunseye  Ayikondu introduces and presented  the family to the Oba.

Addressing the Oba, Alhaji Saidu Ayikondu on behalf of the entire family seeks forgiveness from the Oba for been too far from the palace, saying that the family shall continue to visit the palace always.

The Kabiesi, also in his address encouraged the family to endeavor to look for every members of the family, urging them to consider the need for family meeting not only between members of the family who reside within the country but also to those in diaspora.

While expressing his love for the family, the kabiesi associated himself with the family, saying that he is also part of the Osho's lineage where Ayikondu also belong.

The Jagunmolu of Igbehin land, Chief Wasiu Ogunsola Ayikondu, who also represented the family enumerated the active participation and effort of Ayikondu in bringing peace for the people of Egbaland.

He enumerated number of wars fought and conquered by Balogun Ayinkondu between 1848 to 1866.

Chief Wasiu further explained that the sward used by Balogun Ayikondu during the wars  is still in the possession of the family till today.

Haven said this, the kabiesi explained the plans behind the Egba museum requested that the family being the sward to the palace to be immortalized for the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage.

He further promised the family that Balogun Ayikondu will be remembered forever.

 If you bring the sward to the museum, we'll write the name of your father on it and all the wars in fought and the story will be forever He said

Among members of Ayikondu family who were there includes:

Alhaji Saidu Ogunseye Ayikondu (the family head)

Chief Jinad Lukman Odeyale Ayikondu (A are of Igbehin Land)

Chief Isiaka Omoleye Ayikondu (Baale Igbeda Igbehin Land)

Taiwo Ogunsola Shomuyiwa Ayikondu

Folorunsho Fadeyi Ogunbunmi Ayikondu

Rukayat Yusuf Ogunbunmi Ayikondu

Wasiu Adeola Oseni Ayikondu

Amosa Ayikondu

Nojeem Odeyale Ayikondu

Risikatu Odeyale Ayikondu

Adeshina solarin odeyale ayikondu


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