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Minimum Wage: Ogun Workers To Embark On A 7-Days Warning Strike

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Abeokuta - The meeting between the labour unions and Ogun State Government has ended in deadlock as the Nigeria Labour Congress NLC has ordered all workforce in the state to embark on 7 days warning strike.

The strike according to labour unions is to start from 12 midnight of today following below resolutions.


At the end of the much talked about parley between the organised labour and the Ogun state government led by the Secretary to the State Government and other big wigs on the government side, the two side could not reach a compromise hence the meeting was postponed .

On the part of the government they came up with these positions ;
1 Leave Allowances: This government met #10billion from the previous administration but  presently owing #1.9 billion hence the government is willing to pay this owed leave allowances three times thus , 
Levels 1-6 in October 2020,  Levels 7-13 in December 2020 and 
levels 14 and above in February 2021. 

2 PROMOTION : This will cost this government #574 million each month however all promotion for years 2018 -2020 will be paid this year.

3 MINIMUM WAGE: This will cost this government #1.054 billion each month hence this administration want to passionately appeal to labour for more time on this .

4 GRATUITY: This government inherited an unpaid #60billion from the previous administration's while we are currently owing #8 billion . Hence every month this government will pay between #200 - 300million every month .

5 DEDUCTIONS (GROSS SALARY): This government did not meet any outstanding deduction hence we admit we are owing #3.3 billion. Hence this government is committed to pay the gross salary  Immediately with at least #450million every month with an amount on a monthly basis to offset it all soonest.
The Secretary to the State Government in conclusion pleaded with the labour leaders to give the government till March 2021. 

Having listened to the government side, the organised labour decided against this position while calling for a postponement of the meeting . 

Meanwhile the organised labour announced at the sitting that a congress have been called at the Arcade ground in Oke Mosan , Abeokuta today Tuesday 15th September 2020 . However it was agreed that this meeting will continue today by 12 noon after the congress .

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