FG's "HOME GROWN FEEDING PROGRAM" Is Fraudulent, A Clean Official Stealing - Ogun LP - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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FG's "HOME GROWN FEEDING PROGRAM" Is Fraudulent, A Clean Official Stealing - Ogun LP

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Abeokuta- Ogun State Labour Party under Comrade Abayomi Arabambi has expressed total disappointment in the move by the Federal Government to fly fraudulent scheme called "Home Grown Feeding Program"  called it official STEALING.

Arabambi, who said "To compound the whole deception , the Federal Government has failed or refused to announce the modalities to be used to reach the supposed school children."

"Nigerians are conscious and very much in the know that it would be impossible to reach the supposed children to be fed.
It is beyond doubt that the Government lacks the capacity to enable it reach the supposed school children.
It is so unfortunate that this otherwise fine Government of PMB Is facilitating this criminal project." he said. 
He said Ogun State Labour Party strongly condemn the project and urge Mr President to halt the project with immediate effect because anything short of outright cancellation will be meaningless.

"Again , the National Assembly should be seen to be awake to its oversight responsibility. NASS should especially invest adequate time in probing the totality of the Home grown nonsense now and immediately."

"Has the Government a presentable and believable modality , it would have been announced. This is clearly a calculated ugliness of fraud to render all the positive performances of the PMB Administration  obliterated by this PDP - like loot ."

"This fraudulent Home grown feeding program is an intentionally arranged criminal process of stealing from the National treasury.ĺ

"The President must immediately cause a suspension of this fraud and institute a Judicial inquiry to expose the criminal deadlines and extremely dishonest minds behind the fraudulent project."

"This is an open and direct invitation to everyone , to begin to see this home grown fraud as a return of the era of the PDP LOOTING of the Commonwealth through bogus and insulting purported benefits to the Nation by deceit and impunity with official seal this recklessly . We in LP See this as an incredible , unbelievable and an  Executive rascality."

Should this fraud and deception in the name of feeding some unreachable school children be allowed to go on , either by some conspiracy or other negativity , even by official omission or some other Executive commission , then the APC would have become another Government of treasury looters . No more , no less .

All of the above is based on the fact that all schools are totally closed during this pandemic .

 It is saddening that the Government will hope that anyone yet in touch with reason may consider its listed thirteen puerile reasons convincing , believable or in anyway practicable. Given the level of the reliability of the Nations body of statistics and records  as what the Federal Government relies upon to reach their imaginary school pupils .

Every one of the listed 13 reasons simply confirmed and signposted the determination of some powerful persons in Government to steal with official seal from the Commonwealth.

These reasons are very puerile and so unbelievably silly to have been claimed by a policy of the whole Fed Govt.

The President will do well to right now and immediately condemn this calculated program through which loads of treasury looting are being looked forward to by some corrupt officials of Government , totally and strongly condemn the fraudulent scheme and loudly dissociate the Federal Government from the RED CAPITAL FRAUD.

The NASS would be criminally compromised if this open treasury is allowed to be carried out successfully despite the series of red light alert grown into a roaring noise by the public against this brave attempt at executing this official fraud.

 Of course , the public court is currently alive and will not be hoodwinked by any official abracadabra." he added 

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