Abba Kyari’s Daughter, Aisha in trouble for calling out Peter Okoye’s wife - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Abba Kyari’s Daughter, Aisha in trouble for calling out Peter Okoye’s wife

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Aisha Abba Kyari, the daughter of late Abba Kyari has faced serious criticism after she directly called out Peter Okoye’s wife, Lola Omotayo and some Nigerians who did not speak well of her father’s memory.

It would be recalled that Abba Kyari who was the Chief of Staff before his death, was pronounced dead some weeks ago after he tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus.

However, before Abba Kyari’s death Lola Omotayo was among the top celebrities who asked the Federal Government to disclose his whereabouts and should stop putting citizens in the dark.

With the username crackeddiamond, Aisha Abba Kyari didn’t expect what followed suit.

From every of her post, trolls took over and must have inflicted emotional blows on the young woman.

Aisha, whose appointment at the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority in 2019 attracted much furore, had been dealt many blows than her father’s death.


  1. Enter your comment...Nigeria my country, our mouth no be here,...

  2. That idiot daughter of kyari even have mouth to talk mind you your dad was one of the worst & most corrupt in this govt

  3. No matter how bad somebody is, people always talk good abt d person when he's dead. The whole nation is rejoicing over ur father's death, if I were u I'll think about it not coming here to exhibit ur foolishness