Nigerians To Yahaya Bello: You Are 44-Year-Old, Your Mom Dies At 101 - Did She Gave Birth To You At 57 ? - AMEBO ONLINE NEWSPAPER


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Nigerians To Yahaya Bello: You Are 44-Year-Old, Your Mom Dies At 101 - Did She Gave Birth To You At 57 ?

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Yesterday, the Kogi state governor, Yahaya Bello announced that he lost his mother, Hauwau Oziohu who was one hundred and one years old.

Bello said his mother died at the age of 101 after a brief illness in a statement made on Monday.

Yahaya Bello said he was born on the 18th of June, 1975 and he's the last born of the family of eight.

Going by his age and his mother's age, it means his mother had him when she was 57 years old.

According to Islamic rites, the woman will be buried today, Monday said the 44-year-old.

Read his statement below...

“With total submission to the will of Allah, on behalf of the family of Alhaji Bello Ipemida Ochi, we regret to announce the passing away of our matriarch, Hajia Hauwau Oziohu Bello who answered the call of Allah this evening after a brief illness,”

“We are relieved that her passing was peaceful and painless. Her funeral will be held today at Her resident in Nagazi, Okene Local Government Area of Kogi State in accordance with Islamic rites. “Until her death, she was aged 101 and survived by children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and many adopted children.”

“He started his early education in 1984 in LGEA Primary School, Agassa in Okene LGA" said Yahaya Bello in his biography.

And also, as most of his age mates did started school in 1981, if born in June 1975, he would normally start his elementary education in 1981.

Because in that era, post-colonial era, primary school students are admitted at 5 or 6.

Going by his biography, he means he was 3 years schedule since he stated his primary school in 1984.

Which means had the parents not decided to make him, Yahaya Bello the last born in a family of eight, he would have been with his younger siblings since he was 9 years old starting school in 1984.

The puzzle remains as Bello buries his 101-year-old mother who had him at 57.

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