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Marriage Is Not For Everyone: Nigerians React As Daughter of The Late Oba Oniru Removes Her Ring

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Daughter of the late Oniru of Iruland, Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru, Tolu oniru popularly known as Toolz is currently trending on social media after she removed her husband’s name from her Instagram page. Asides from deleting her husband’s name- (Tunde Demuren), she has also removed her wedding ring. Rumors have it that the on-air-personality stopped wearing her wedding ring few months ago. The news of her rumored marriage breakup came as shock to many of her followers.

In the same vein, over the weekend, a controversial blogger on Instagram-Gistlovers Blog dropped some hints about Tolu and her husband, Tunde Demuren’s marriage crash. After the blogger dropped the hints, many social media users debunked the possibility of the bloggers speculations being true because of the way the couple flaunts their love on social media. However, after Tolu deleted her husband’s name from her bio, it was clear that there may be trouble in paradise.

Following all these speculations about their failed marriage, some Nigerians have shared their opinion about the incessant failed marriages among celebrities.

Tolu and her husband, Tunde Demuren are yet to respond to these speculations.

The couple got married in 2016 in a beautiful wedding in Dubai. They are blessed with a son.

Read some of their comments on Instagram below:

@ebunoluwagbemiro wrote, “Marriage is actually a lot of work . At the end of the day ;it’s not for everyone..” (sic)

@partigod wrote, “All this celeb always making this marriage of a thing look like it’s not a good thing to get married.” (sic)

@skoltprada wrote, “Marriage is a scam staying in the marriage is a gift from God.” (sic)

@arthurgodbless wrote, “Women with motivational quotes after a breakup never stop amusing me. Didn’t you know you could fly solo before you wanted a co pilot? Yen yen yen.” (sic)

@ozor_iyanga wrote, “Well, fly solo if you have to. But a plane has several engines for a reason. So does a bird.” (sic)

More Comments.....

@chief09a wrote, “The aim is not to get married but to stay married, happy solo my fellow feminist try the next man until u turn Tonto dikeh soon.” (sic)

@guddytitus wrote, “This marriage thing is getting scary day by day, but you know what, I will get married and remain married.” (sic)

@kingtimmah wrote, “Hmmmm this thing called marriage lol you all taking it for granted smh.” (sic)

@unusualtope wrote, “Eyin werey una don’t crashout, instead of you people using that massive money for wedding to help the less privilege one’s or donate it to orphanage when y’all know celebrities marriages don’t last, after crashing your marriages with infidelity you people will now come with one Big quote, which one is “Those who fly solo have the strongest wings”? Abeg fly high like Rupelle griffon vulture let’s know u have the strongest wings and stop being a sudden motivational speaker.” (sic)

@jibboosha wrote, “No perfect marriage anywhere. Even those who adviced you are not getting their own right. Tall tongue instead of human.” (sic)

@officialslimtalks wrote, “Marriages aren’t easy but keeping a home isn’t so easy especially if you will be jumping out soon, endurance is too key and commitment with tolerance with prayers could just help, because most men and ladies today truly have lost some of our African culture to westernization.” (sic)

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