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The Glory Of NIJ Must Not Go Off

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Opeyemi Adenuga

"Man is the only animal that laughs and weeps; for he is the only animal that is struck by the difference between what things are and what they ought to be" - William Hazlit

The Institution is believed to be the first academic institution of Mass Communication in Nigeria, as it started in the year 1963 (57 years ago), though primary purpose of its establishment is being met which is to turnout good and professional journalists in the country, at least, 60% of professional journalists within the country today had either of their National Diploma, Higher National Diploma and Post-graduate Diploma or all from the Institute. 

Though, the primary purpose of the Institute isn't the only way for its development, no, it is not. As there should be other side ways of making the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) a frontier academic institution even after more than 50 years of its establishment.

 As their ought to be many other things which would be done to make the institution to be of value in Nigeria. 
The popularity of the Institute is low, how many people even know if their is an institution of such aside those living within Ogba environs, this is because of the way in which the Institution is being handled with, either by the Governing Council and the Management. 

Now, the Governing Council of the Institute led by Mallam Isa Funtua, ought to have bid goodbye to the council but yet he's still at helm of affairs, despite passing the age expected to spend at the Council. The board members have been serving ever since before I got admitted at the school in year 2017 and till today, they are still at the wheel of affairs in the school. The Council does not even have time for the Institution, and that's why all these are happening within the Institution.

Every school is expected to have a means of transportation, which would be of great value to the school, but where is NIJ's own? It has been on same position ever since for more than 5 years. Does being spoilt gave any room for it not to be repaired or to get a new one? These are part of things we do experience in the school, very unpleasant. 

As a school of Communication, it is of importance value for it to have a community radio station, though it was learnt that the present leadership had secured a licence for having a radio station, but what is stopping it from going on air? This would even be an avenue for interested students broadcasters to commence the art of broadcasting and garner much experience.

This is the 3rd Term of Deputy Provost, Dr Jide Johnson and the New NIJ constitution said, deputy provost will go for only one tenure only which is two years. But till now, the institution is going on no direction. The Provost, Gbemiga Ogunleye's tenure has expired also 4 years, but he's still waiting for the council to decide whether to stay or to continue.

Since the beginning of this tenure, reports had it that the Chairman of the council has totally changed, staffs are not benefiting anything expect salary, even the yearly December bonus was stopped 3 years ago by the Council. Can this be a result of no financial capacity of the Institution or what? 

Let me talk of the Governing Council a bit more, since information reaching me had it that they would be meeting by next week, between 24 and 28 February, so their is a need for them to put into action and rectify whatever is happening within the Institute, which is of unpleasant experience. 

The school needs to improve on its training facility, and quality of leadership, particularly at the level of the board. The board has really overstayed and have lost touch with the contemporary needs of a training institution like NIJ.
These people are old and tired, they know little or nothing on what to do to bring the institute to limelight again. What do they know about modern day journalism?

Their are many things to do to ensure that the glory of NIJ isn't going off and this starts with a good hand of leadership, and yet good leadership starts from a contemporary training institution like NIJ.

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