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In a desperate attempt to reposition his highly damaged and extensively dented socio - political image across all the socio - political divides Nationally , through his negative , regrettable and totally misdirected roles in his jinxed principal's attempt at re - enslaving the Nation once again despite the piled - up ugliness of his widely published treasury thief of his principal and their truly dead political party ..... PDP.

We're the need to offer advice arose , wouldn't it be very unintelligent and weak for a man like Sowunmi to offer himself for the role ?.

A man who has no status , political or social , is all over the Internet trying to disgrace himself by Choosing to consciously burn the hard earned victory of Prnce Dapo Abiodun in the 2019 Governorship election. Any advice given with a mind full of bitterness and evil is not worth responding to by any consideration.

A man like Sowunmi who comes from a camp in which their commanding and consuming ambition was recklessly betrayed by their gang's past .Sowunmi's aim is open , obvious and clear : CALL A DOG A BAD NAME  - —- to stupidly gun for the killing of the dog and to encourage fellow discredited PDP members including their disgraced and electorally rejected pack of political  mercenaries and scavengers

Sowunmi in his calculated attack in form of advice talked generally without a pointable piece of noticeable piece of intellect through the whole content of the internet attacks (twice) within the twinkle of an eye is directed at rubbishing the ongoing and commendable developmental initiatives by the Dapo - led Government merely as a political dirty strategy.

Sowunmi in his calculative internet bad - belle post insinuated on certain mistaken issues he felt he has a grasp of.

He talked loosely with infantile energy and excitement on the late inauguration of the Executive Cabinet by Prince Dapo Abiodun . He insulted the intelligence of the Citizens of the State by his cock and bull comparisons of the Osoba and OGD era with the current era of Prince Dapo Abiodun choosing conveniently to forget that times has changed and the citizens have upgraded their political awareness. Does Sowunmi think that anyone , more so a brilliant and a go - getter like Prince Dapo Abiodun would be bothered by Sowunmi's thinking that you can continue to use the same method to do the same thing all the time and hope to have a different result ? .

Here , for the purpose of this point , we can see today many lasting and  commendable policies of the Osoba and OGD era ? .

Prince Dapo Abiodun is not going to allow himself to be distracted by the writings of political hatchet man like Sowunmi .

The great steps that had already been taken and the very visible and gloriously commendable re - positioning and re - ordering of the State and the order of doing things by the Government has been responsible for the current high grade ratings of the PDA led Government by the confidence being depicted by the benefiting citizenry.

Meanwhile , Segun is doing what he is paid to do but it is not a thing Ogun State can buy.  When good critics criticise , they don't forget to offer some alternatives they consider better even if it is not.

Perception to Segun Sowunmi is a one - arm concept.  He is blinded by hatred and partisanship to forget that perception has many sides.  It is held by every human wisdom that perception is plurals . In short , Segun Sowunmi has brought up his own shallow take from his own perception what he concluded that Prince Dapo Abiodun led Government is , but out there ,  the vast majority of the Citizens don't see the Government the way Sowunmi tries to tar the Government and its ongoing new and very brilliant journey of reordering the order of doing Government business .

Further more , the PDP has come to be known by the public for its evils and no amount of hatchet job can derail the Ogun State Government towards such past .

In conclusion , it is just necessary to mention a few of the laudable things done by the PDA led Government not necessarily in reaction to Segun's weak post but to educate the part of the gullible public. 
Pictures don't lie , PDA' s activities and developmental drives in the various sectors are put forward through the pictures here in : 
(1) Health .
(2) Security. 
(3) Agriculture.
(4) Road Infrastructure .
(5) Civic Engagement .
(6) Sports development.
(7) Education .
(8) Investment drive.
(9) ICT development. 
And yet many more that can't be accommodated in this short post .

Comrade Arabambi ABAYOMI 

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