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NANS: All-inclusive Government Is Assured - Deputy Coordinator

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Solidarity greetings to the ever dogged and combatant Nigerian Students. 

I give all adorations and doxologies to Almighty Allah, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end for his infinite mercy upon our lives.

My undiluted appreciation goes to all the ever dogged Senators across South Western States for believing in my mandate and honoring me with your vote last Saturday. I am humbled and honored that you have placed your confidence and support in me when electing me as NANS Zone D Deputy Coordinator.

I bring to you goodwill as well as electoral success report of the just concluded convention, a promise in which Nigerian Students promised and fulfilled with all righteousness. Just as I have sworn as one of my core campaign objectives that the interests of Nigerian Students in the Southwest zone remains my watch word and particularly mission to rescue indigents students from seeming devastation in all ramifications. 

I  also cease this medium to appreciate  the entire outgone  mZone D executives for running smooth, free, fair and credible election. 

I can't do without appreciating my leaders, cadres and stakeholder in Ogun state who have in one way  or the other stood gallantly by me during the titanic struggle, I am indebted you all and i  pray that may the trust vested in me never be bastardized.

I am deeply moved by the expression of confidence and congratulatory messages flooding my timeline and all my social media handles from leaders, cadres, stakeholders, supporters, and comrades. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am immensely grateful to my clerics, Ogun State Government, Ogun State House of Assembly members, family, friends and loyal supporters who so generously contributed their time and efforts to my course and also all TeamUNASSAILABLE nationwide. May we never die prematurely. 

Furthermore, I seize this medium to appreciate all Progressive Nigerian Students in South West Tertiary Institutions and beyond for reposing their confidence in me by making themselves available for the just concluded 2019 Convention, victory wouldn't have been possible without paying homage to what makes the authority now vested in me. I have taken the oath of struggle, tasted the pangs of academic hardship, visited the great walls and boundaries of Unionism and ;
I hereby declare it publicly that NANS SOUTHWEST ZONE D under my tutelage will embark on all measures toward repositioning the bastardized image of the movement. I have also taken into consideration the key components of my mission statement cornered round my team name "UNASSAILABLE" which suffice to put that the future of Southwest students under my stewardship is "UNASSAILABLE" in all ramifications as efforts will be engineered and multifaceted towards ensuring the dividends of democracy equally in all strata of the academic and intellectual domain. Just as the Latin maxim puts it "He who must come to equity, must do so with clean hands".

In addition, being an effective leader involves listening to people, translating their concerns into workable proposals, and building consensus to implement them. We could not do this job without the involvement and openness of the people we represent. Not only have you entrusted us with the responsibility of speaking on your behalf as your representative, but you should continue to provide us with the ideas and feedback we need to do it as it should be done and I promise I shall contribute my quota to the development of students community across South Western States and Nigeria at large hitherto undreamt of.

I have independently met with my predecessors and having ruminated about what should befit and benefit our leadership standing as well as students to students relationship hereby maintain the following objectives :

1. Restoration and rehabilitation of students who have been unjustifiably expelled from institutions without recourse. 

2. Need to revert high tuition fees in all erring tertiary institutions with due regards to consolidation with their management. 

3. Advocacy and stoppage of illicit sexual abuse against female students by the administrators of knowledge (Lecturers and Professors) in all Tertiary Institutions to award marks. 

4. Advocacy and fact finding approach against Suicide and Perpetrators of Depression into the lives of our Students in all Campuses. 

5. Social Programs for less privileged students such as (Scholarship Awards, Vocational Training, Google Analytics Skills, Corporate Social Responsibility Benefits and so on). 

The five (5) cardinal intent of my administration are benchmarked on my sworn oath before, during and after my administration. Just as Professor Jerry Gana, the great political erudite would put it, "If Democracy does not provide water, food, shelter and clothing then our people may pitily say "SE NA DEMOCRACY WE GO CHOP". 

Moreso, I also seize this medium to appreciate the Convention Planning Committee headed by the ever gallant Spartacus of the students movement cum for upholding the sacred tenets of the rule of law and upholding the honour of the students constituency by not succumbing to any form of favoritism or brown envelope towards ensuring a free fair and contestable electoral results. 

Lastly, I feel blessed as I begin this new era and I assure you that the elected executives will always endeavor to reflect the utmost compassion, honesty and integrity.

I reiterate to state it categorically clear that prison itself is not jail but when men of questionable character put up their conscience for auction, that in itself, is a living Testimony of Worthlessness. 

Until all are Freed,
All remain Slaves. 
God bless NANS Zone D (South West)
God bless NANS National
God bless Nigeria.


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