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Kayode Ogundamisi responds to Davido after he called him a loser

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Activist Kayode Ogundamisi who was dragged by Davido for his comment on the video of the two arrested girls who alleged that he impregnated one of them has now responded.

On seeing the response from Davido on the post shared on social media, Kayode Ogundamisi clarifies his comment where he called out the singer and his uncle saying the comment was just about his impunity to the 2 young girls.

He wrote;

Okay, pele @iam_Davido

We for just keep quiet nah, since the boy is half our age.

The comment was simply about your impunity, private citizen ordering the arrest and detention (in handcuffs) of 2 young girls in a civil case.

Not different from the infamous “Buhari Tyranny”

Some other social media users agreed to his opinion while some others dragged him further, see reactions below.

Everything about his argument is money.  Money.  Money.  Money. Life is viewed through the lense of money. Worth is measured by money. Success is measured by money. Lyrics of his songs revolve around money. Nothing more. – @gampeeyor

Evil should never be condoned, irrespective of who is serving it. As you have not kept quiet. I hope you don’t loose your voice when “Bubu Tyranny” comes to town – @Highpsalms

You took a swipe at him first. Those ladies did something that could put his marriage into jeopardy I’m not supporting his actions but you bringing politics in is not so good. You are an elder. He’s justified to insult cuz you insulted him first. Don’t cry a river – @TundeArisAkinz

It’s unfortunate that Nigeria is a lawless nation,you can do and undo as far as you have money.The worst is that,the growing up youths re in support of every bad thing as far as it’s come from their favourites fellow. – @slolamilekan23

The level of defamation of character in Nigeria all in the name of comedy or joke is highly unacceptable…the internet is a tool let them use it wisely and mind some of their business if not all.however SUN OF MERCY SHOW MERCY OSHEEE – @joshuainnocent

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