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Negative Outcomes Of Masturbation For Married People

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It is not unusual for men and women to masturbate in addition to regular sex with their partners.

The most frequent qualm wives have about masturbation is knowing that their husband still masturbates despite regular sexual relationships together.

Husbands usually have the opposite viewpoint. They would likely get very turned on by knowing that their wives masturbate or by watching, but the majority of wives feel uncomfortable about that.

Negative effects

Psychology Today looked into the question of whether masturbation is harmful to a marital union and found that masturbation fills a void when one spouse or the other is unwilling or unable to engage in a mutual sexual activity.

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1. Inadequate Feelings

The spouses who don't engage in masturbation report displeasure when they discover what their partner has been up to.

They tend to blame themselves, assuming that their spouse or partner is bored or unhappy with them.

2. Substitute For Intimacy

Masturbation is a problem if it interferes with day to day life or if it is used as a substitute for real intimacy with another person. 

3. Trust

A married partner may feel that his or her partner has been keeping secrets if masturbation happens. WebMD quotes David Schnarch, Ph.D., director of The Marriage and Family Health Center in Evergreen, Colorado, as explaining. "For some couples, it's a breach. For others, it's not."

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What Married Couples Should Know

Given the conflicting opinions and research about masturbation and marriage, it may be that it all comes down to a personal viewpoint.

People who masturbate may do so in different amounts. There is no right or wrong number.

You may have a problem with masturbating too much if you can't achieve orgasm with your partner through intercourse or if you have a sex addiction.

If you believe you may have a problem with masturbation, you can seek out the help of a sex therapist.

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The therapist can work with you alone or with you and your partner to iron out any concerns you might be struggling with. 

The fact is that many people still masturbate when they are in long-term relationships such as marriage. It is up to you whether or not you tell your spouse or partner that you masturbate, but you should not consider it a sign of your own inadequacy if you discover that your spouse masturbates.

As long as you can maintain a healthy and satisfying emotional and physical romantic relationship, you do not have to be concerned about masturbating

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