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He Does Not Deserve Your Commitment If He Does Not Do These 5 Things

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When we think of two people falling in love, being together and possibly living the rest of their lives together, we usually assume that its roses, or that the things we see of happy couples just came about without some really serious work being done in the background or without the days when they were figuring things out and stumbling a lot along the way.

But the truth of the matter is that there aren’t relationships that began with perfection and needed to moments of adjustments, no matter how minute. The key, however, is that while it is ok to give people the opportunity to grow and develop, sometimes, some people do not deserve that time, energy and all that is required to stay with someone and be committed to them.

You should think well before committing to anyone [Credit - Shutterstock]

So, before you commit to someone, you want to be sure of certain things, and you also want to be sure they have enough to actually deserve your commitment.

Before you commit to anyone, this is what to watch out for:

1. Do they prioritise you?

Don’t commit to him until he really proves he wants you in his life and wants to make you a priority. You really need to be sure that you really matter to this person, and that they rate you highly in the grand scheme of things in their lives.

Do they care about you when making decisions, do they put things that matter to you into account when making their own plans. You need to pay attention to this before investing too much [or anything for that matter] into a serious relationship with anyone.

2. Do they make sacrifices for you?

Anyone who is not conceding little inconveniences for your sake really does not like you that much and it is something you want to watch out for before giving your all to anyone.

Don’t commit to him until you see him make sacrifices. The one who will do in love things you ask when you ask, and how you ask them to do it. The one who will change his or her schedule if it makes your life easier.

If they do not do their best to make you happy, why commit [Credit - Stocksy]

3. Are they vulnerable with you yet?

The one who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable is one deserving of your attention. If someone is genuine about their feelings and reality and are not afraid to place all of that in your hands and also not scared to show you how safe they feel with you, then if you love such person, committing to them does not seem a bad idea. Why? They are not afraid to be vulnerable and that means openness and honesty. In other words, they are not afraid to tell you about his past. Isn’t afraid to talk about the things you need to if you want any hope of a relationship.

4. The one who listens

The one who pays attention to the little details about you, and notices things about you to the minutest detail. If they care that much and really so into you that much, it is a good sign. Hopefully they never fizzle out.

Your commitment should be to someone who actually makes you happy [Credit - Raw Pixel]

5. Do you feel safe with them?

Can you show them every side of you? Even those parts you’re scared of. The side of you, you’ve hidden from the world. The side you might hate. Don’t commit to anyone until they have seen that and they love, respect and accept you regardless.

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