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4 Reasons Why People Lose Interest In Relationship

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There are some reasons people lose interest in their partners they once loved so dearly. Sometimes, it is sudden, sometimes, its gradual loose of interest. But whatever the case may be, the lost of interest may be attributed to cheating, change in behavior or complacency.

Sometimes, it is hard to pinpoint the reason for the lost of interest. These reasons may be linked to why people lose interest in relationship.

It is not love, but lust.

Some people confuse lust for love. When you are unable to differentiate between love and lust, you make a mistake of rushing into a relationship, but as time passes by, the energy and excitement you once had  begins to fade off. When this happens, you begin to lose interest in the relationship.

Lack of support

There are times that love alone can not hold a relationship. This may be due to lack of support for each other. When both partners are not in sync  with each other, they tend to have different goals and perspectives. Therefore, they begin to lose interest in the relationship.

You met someone else

Some people begin to lose interest when they meet someone else who make them happier than their partners. It sometimes create a dilemma. When this happens, the comparison starts. They begin to find faults in everything their partners do.

You get bored

When the excitements and flames that they once had when the relationship started begin to go.  They eventually get bored, this boredom may however result in lost of interest in the relationship.

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