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3 Sexual Problems That Affect Relationship

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Sex in a relationship is meant to be fun, but sometimes we tend to have unresolved problems. These problems arise due to some sexual differences or dissatisfaction. This dissatisfaction between couples may be a gateway to broken relationship.

Some of the common problems may include lack of intimacy, boredom in the bedroom, low libido or tiredness. Here are some sexual problems that may cause conflicts in a relationship

Too tired for sex

This is one of the most common issues between couples when it comes to sex. There are many factors  that can result to exhaustion, it could be related to busy work schedule, not getting adequate sleep or probably stress. The truth is, this causes the couple to loose their intimacy and closeness. 

So why not get home early, leave every office work at the doorstep, take a proper rest before going to bed. This will assist you gain more strength for sex.

Inability to achieve orgasm

Most times, females find it hard to reach orgasm during sex and this may lead to frustration. She may get bored with sex and decided to refuse anymore intimacy from the husband.

If you are frustrated, why not talk about it instead of faking orgasm just to please your man. Get to know your body, tell him what you want and how you want it done. If he cares for you, he will gladly help you achieve orgasm.

Unable to compromise on frequency of sex

The desire for sex between couples may differ, one might have higher sex drive than the other. This however may lead to problems if there are complains or dissatisfaction. The key solution here is compromise. Both partners must agree on the frequency and the quality of sex.

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