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Online Dating Tips for Men To Go From Overlooked To Dating 'god' [Video]

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The key to online dating? Find a way to stand out. But I’m getting ahead of myself! Let’s not focus on making you an online dating god. Let’s start off with you getting one date to begin with, using these foolproof online dating tips for men. You’ll get to the “dating god” title in a while, but first, brush up on the the basics.

Don’t think I’m here to harp on men and criticize guys when it comes to dating. That isn’t going to help anyone. But—sorry, yes, there is a but—many men seem to be struggling in the online dating world. And you know what, I don’t blame you. It’s a scary world to step into if you don’t know the unspoken rules and how everything works.

Plus, where do you even start when it comes to online dating? Do you go to Tinder? Plenty Of Fish? See what I mean? This is really when you just want to pack up your shit and live in the wild.

Online dating tips for men

As a woman, I’ve had my fair share of online dating, so I know exactly what women are looking for as well as what they’re not looking for *cough* dick pics *cough*. Yeah, you heard me, put that snake back in your pants!

But on a serious note, you have a limited amount of space for your couple of lines to impress her. If not, she’s onto the next. She isn’t even going to say goodbye. So, this is why I’m here. I want you to get the girl of your dreams, and if it happens through online dating, great.

Remember, this isn’t in-person which means these online dating tips for men that I’m about to give you will focus on getting you to an in-person date.

What are you looking for? 

Not so easy when you stop and think about it. But, if you want to succeed, go to the right spots. I’m saying this because you need to be very clear on your profile of what you’re looking for.

Do you want to have a one-night stand? Casual sex? A serious relationship? Pick one and tailor your profile to fit that perspective. Your relationship type will also influence which platform you use. For example, if you’re looking for something serious, you’d go to or eHarmony. 

Put yourself in their shoes

A funny thing to think about when it comes to online dating, right? But it makes a lot of sense. The best way to do this, if you can, is to make a female profile and look at the pictures men are posting. Also, see how men speak to you, there will be men who stand out in the way they look and speak. 

Less is more

You may think writing down every single thing you like and dislike will be a great way to find someone with the same interests as you, but don’t do it. Less is more. If you want to land a date, don’t give everything they want right away. You need to pique their curiosity, that’s what gets the date.

Don’t flaunt it all

You may have six-pack abs, but no one wants to see a shirtless picture of you while looking for someone to potentially date. Have some class, this isn’t 2008. This isn’t about being mysterious, it’s simpler than that.

First of all, you look like a complete tool. And secondly, again, no one wants to see it. I know you think it’s sexy, but unless someone asks you for a shirtless photo, keep them locked away in your phone.

Choose the right photos

I know you think the shirtless photo of you or the photo of you squatting next to your car’s rims are good options, but they’re not. In reality, women aren’t interested in those photos. What women actually like are photos of you looking directly into the camera, smiling. Yup, I said it. Women like to see pictures of men smiling. It gives a sense of intensity and women love intensity. 

Include photos that spark conversation

Hypothetically, the photo of you squatting next to your car’s rim could spark conversation, but most likely it won’t. If you’ve traveled, play an instrument, or love trying new restaurants, use those photos of you. It can easily be used by the other person to start a conversation.

Be a little original

When I was on Tinder, men would send me lines that you could clearly see were copy and pasted. And none of those guys received any of my attention. Why? Because they showed me that I was just another girl to them. That’s not the vibe you want to be giving. So, use a line that shows you’re interested. Relate it to her profile!

Get offline

Once you’ve arranged to meet with someone and you’re thinking about seeing them, get offline. If you’re still online while you’re seeing someone, there’s no way you can create, or at least try to create, a connection with someone. Give the person you’re meeting an actual chance.  

There are a lot of rules to remember, but it’ll be worth it. If you want to land yourself a date, use these online dating tips for men. They’ll make a difference, a really big one and take you closer to that dating god status!


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