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Go and bring your phone receipts in Ibadan – Benin Police officers tell man

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A man has called out some Police officer in Benin, Edo state after they asked him to travel down to Ibadan to produce the phone receipts they seized from him.

Go and bring your phone receipts in Ibadan – Benin Police officers tell man

According to man identified as George, the Police officers allegedly questioned him for having more than a single phone and chose to release one of the phones, but asked him to provide the receipts of the other phones.

He wrote on social media:

It’s Been More Than 48 Hours 4 Of My Business Phones & Simcards Has Been Seized By Police Officers Of The Area Command Iyekogba In Benin City, Edo State. All Efforts Being Made As Been Proved Abortive Despite All Evidence & Information On The Phone Proves They Are Mine.

‬I Have Involved The PPRO EDO STATE POLICE And The Area Commander Is Still Insisting I Should Travel To Ibadan To Go Bring And Provide My Phone Receipts. I Have Lost Several Customers And Money Due To My Business Lines Being Seized By The Police In Benin City For Over 48 Hours.

I Tried Explaining Myself And Showing Proofs But This Officers Didn’t Allow Me Rather They Were Accessing My Chats With Close Friends, Family Members, Brand Influencers, Celebrities, My Distributors, Models And Travel Agents Via WhatsApp. They Claimed They Have The Right To Do It.

The Situation Is So Unfortunate That I Have Spent Thouands Of Naira Going To The Station Back & Forth Trying To Resolve The Issue And Despite Involving The PPRO They Are Still Holding On The Right That They Need The Receipts. This Phones Have My Videos & Pictures As Well Products.

I Have No Exhibits On My Phones. They Havent Seen Anything That Doesn’t Show It’s Not Mine. The Phones Are For My E-Commerce Platforms.

I Offered To Show Them Soft Copies Of My CAC Registeration And Other Proves Of Customer Chats And Transactions That This Phones Belong To Me. But All To No Avail, So I Am Posting This Publicly So That The World Knows That Four Of My Phones And Sim Card Lines Are With The POLICE. If Am Given Opportunity I Will Prove That This Are My Business Phones And They Can Verify Online.

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