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Mapoly Students Name Bus Shed After Dr. Samson Adeola Odedina

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Working with the young people has been my secret of success everywhere I find myself.... Mapoly Rector....

Abeokuta - The student union government of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic led by Comrade Owoiya Abdulrazaq (Owomummy) President has donated first aid box to all the department in the institution, renovates the bus shed to a new face, named it after the incumbent rector of the institution, Dr Samson Adeola Odedina.

The bus shed was named " Dr Samson Adeola Odedina Students' Bus Shed" with a glorious ceremony where student, staff celebrated the rector in a colourful way.

The student union president, Abdulrazak presented award to Dr. Samson Odedina indicting him into all of fame based on his unrelenting efforts and leadership acumen in empowering the youths and students cutting across Nigeria.

In attendance was Mr Emmanuel Adeleye - Registrar, Dr Rotimi Olukoya - D. Registrar, Town Planner Luke Adelaja - D.S.A, Mr Yemi Ajibola - PRO, Mr Odelade - SAO, Mr Karounwi - Counselor, Mrs Ajoke Usman - Procurement Officer, All departmental presidents
During the commissioning of the bus shed there was pleas from the "special students" on support on their welfare, payment of tuition and others.

The rector said the special students shouldn't have made their pleas in the public despite the efforts of the student union in paying tuition of some selected students but should have followed right procedure as he said he will be looking forward to hear from groups of students to render assistance to them in terms of payment of tuition and other challenges.

According to the Rector:

"As the former provost of Federal College of Agriculture, Akure FECA I met two hundred students when I was appointed as the provost, but I made them two thousands in just two years by pursuing the agenda of the youths and supporting their skills to make them self reliant said Odedina. "

"The youths want recognition, self respect and also see you as a role model, I have been giving attention, recognition to young people to motivate their skills and this has been helping me everywhere I find myself. Dr. Odedina Added.

Also, he said impacting positively on the youths has been the secret behind his success.
He laid emphasis on the examination issues where he said he had dialogue with the students and the problem was figured out and solution was proffered to it.

He said, as the leader of the polytechnic, he has been working acidiously with the students in tackling challenges facing them by identifying with them which makes them have maximum trust in him as the president of the the institution.
He charges the students to vote in another leader who will be proactive and avoid violence in the forthcoming student union election.

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