How police declared me wanted for what I didn't know - Prince Adedipe cries out  - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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How police declared me wanted for what I didn't know - Prince Adedipe cries out 

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....I saw hell inside arm robber's cell for 37-days for not guilty of any offence 

The principal of Adedas development foundation has cried out after he was detained for thirty-seven days for a crime he did not know anything about, he shared his ordeal during a phone conversation with Amebofeeedsblog today after leaving the police custody. 

According to him, he presented himself to the police, Federal state anti-robbery squad,of Nigeria Police Force Lagos state command Ikeja (FSARS) after reading on newspaper that he was declared wanted.

His statement while speaking to us on phone interview:

"When I saw the publication on newspaper, I presented myself at the Lagos police headquarters Ikeja to know what really got wrong, When I got there Two out of the 6 suspect said they didn't know me, but made confessional statements that they were the one that committed the vandal, while the rest said I wasn't involved in the vandalism, but based on my political popularity, they knew me one way or another and I didn't denied them..."... Adedipe said."

"I was detained for being an opposition, because I was granted bail three-days to the election, where I neither had the opportunity to campaign nor reach out to anyone, my state house of assembly aspiration, Alimosho state constituency 01 died inside the police net. The facts remains that during the interrogation, those robbery suspect made confessional statements that I was not involved in the crime at Abule Egba in December 2018/19...Adedipe added."

He described his detention as "politically undertone" by his opposition where he did not mention anyone's name while asking him who he suspected to be behind his predicament, he said due to the fact that two of the suspected petrol pipe line vandals said they didn't know him, four others said they knew him maybe through his foundation benevolence but he wasn't involved in the vandalism through confessional statements, but the former Mr. Imohimi Edgal, Commissioner of Police Lagos state command still insisted he should be locked up inside cell for unknown reasons.

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