Enough of throwing of political tantrums in Ile-Ife  - Makinde - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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Enough of throwing of political tantrums in Ile-Ife  - Makinde

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I have read, heard and observed some of the needless political tantrums being thrown by some of the glaringly disappointed members of our party, APC, over our party's poor showing during the last presidential and national assembly elections in Ife Federal Constituency.

It is human for any sane person to be worried over the poor elections' results that could be likened to a whirlwind that blew across the land. 

 Some of us, concerned leaders, are yet to get over the effects of the unfavourable results even one week after the political tsunami.

The whole thing was a glaring case of the more you look, the less you see as the results were the same pattern across Ifeland.

My advice to our members and leaders alike is to stop outrightly apportioning of blames for the pòor results and get adequately equipped for the next House of Assembly election coming up on Saturday.

As a modern war is not necessarily where gunshots are exchanged and election has turned into a war in this country, all the members and leaders should let us approach the Saturday's 'political war' without a divided army.

Blame game is not for now as such won't yield any desired results.

Oftentimes, it is the amount of information at one's disposal that influences one's disposition to issues. 

All the arguments against and for the poor outing of our party are pointers to the fact that our political party is potent.

Our party, APC, is a living bird; this is the reason why its current scorecard is a source of concern to all and sundry.

It is our duty to reach out to our friends and foes with a view to making an appreciable improvement of our party in the Saturday's election.

Nkan to se akalamagbo to fi dekun erin rin, to ba se igunnugun a wo nkoko mori eyin.

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