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Why I posed while handing over cash donation to Baba Suwe – Jigan BabaOja

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Nigerian writer, Tope Delano took to Twitter to slam actor, Jigan Baba Oja over a photo he took with veteran actor Baba Suwe.

Nollywood actor, Jigan Babaoja presented an undisclosed cash gift to Nollywood figure, Baba Suwe.

Jigan was pictured handing over the cash gift to the veteran actor who needed urgent medical attention.

Tope criticized such action and tagged it appalling and disrespectful.

After being trolled on the internet, he gave reason why he posted photo of cash donation to Baba Suwe.

In his defence, the comic actor revealed to Punchng.com,  in an interview that the money donated to Baba Suwe was contributed by members of the public and he wanted to be transparent with it.

He said,

“When you are running a foundation, you must be as transparent as possible since it is not your money. I run the Jigan Baba Oja Foundation. I am only contributing my time and what I am doing is from my heart.”

“People will always talk about you, whether you do good or bad. But inside me, I know I am sincere and clean. The most important thing is for Baba Suwe to get help; I don’t owe anyone any explanation. There was no way we could have ignored him when we heard about his ordeal because he has contributed hugely to the movie industry.”

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