OMG! Popular Prophetess Exposes Rich Men As She Confesses On What They Do To Sleep With Mad Women For Rituals (Video) - AMEBO NEWSPAPERS NG.


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OMG! Popular Prophetess Exposes Rich Men As She Confesses On What They Do To Sleep With Mad Women For Rituals (Video)

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Conversations around money rituals and yahoo-yahoo have been rife over the past few days with arguments on how best to shelve the killings. The slimy narration of the gruesome murder of Elozino Joshualia Ogege by yahoo ritualists has not helped matters. It seems like these yahoo boy-ritualists are in a phantom global competition to outdo themselves in a game of gruesome activities. In more infamous trend of the recent virality by these belligerents of ‘Money Must Be Made Progressive Union’, grown men are now obsessed with female panties with different instances of women panties theft.

The ‘problem’ didn’t however start today. They’ve always been around and have always been popular. Nigeria is a country rooted in traditional practices. As such, idol worship is a religion on its own, just like Christianity or Islam. While Christians and Muslims pray to God or Allah to create wealth for them in the hustles, idol worshippers also have deities and gods they pray to and appease. The ‘tested’ belief is that there are metaphysical keys to this world and if you can access them or know how to control these quantum elements and you appease the right gods, and spirits, you will be granted limitless wealth.

A cursory look through the depths of Ifa, the many facets to its practice and the Ifa Corpus like ‘Oju Odu Merindinlogun’ or ‘The 16 Corpus of Ifa’ could convince you on the various facets to the world. There’s a natural element to everything preached in that doctrine, affected by what they see under Oju Odu verses of ‘Eji Ogbe’ or ‘Obara Meji’ or ‘Odi Meji.’ Nonetheless, Ifa people are famed for being pure and true. But just like they can appease the gods and spirits the transcend the physical and our different versions of God, there are bad people who also have their own spiritual beliefs. If there is a good, there is a bad. Sometimes, there is no good and there is still a bad element.

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