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Friend Reveals More About Lady Who Died In A Parked Car With Man In Maryland

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A friend has revealed more about the lady who died alongside a man in a parked car at Memde, Maryland. Recall the duo over the weekend were found dead in a car with the AC still running.

Her friend has now described her as an easy going person and paid tributes to her like this; 


In loving memory of Annie Akhadelor.

Yes, Annie the lady who died with a guy in a car with the Ac on as the bloggers describe. All sorts of news flying around about my Annie.

Here is my version of the story!!!

Yes the one who stood behind me in this picture is Annie.We had so much fun on this day, little did I know you would be gone so soon.

Annie was many things, a banker, a business lady, a makeup artist, a fashion designer but above all a dedicated and devoted child of God.

Annie had so much passion for the things of God.Annie was an active leader in church.

She was a member of Cystals music band. A commited choir member, a worship leader,and a prayer warrior. She had such a calm and beautiful soul, a very bright future ahead,always peaceful and willing to serve.

Annie was very obedient and ever ready to learn.She was a friend, a sister and much more to us.

Annie, you shall be remembered for all your good deeds.

We will miss you.

Till we meet again on that day. 

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