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Exclusive! The Rise and Fall of Tunde Ayeni.

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*How He Ran Skye Bank Aground

*How Gail Fajembola wraps Ayeni around her fingers, forcing him to scorn wife, Biola. 

Tunde Ayeni is trapped in a maze of depressive economy. His hard luck could be attributed to deceptive commerce and ethical misadventure, according to pundits in the banking sector. But if considered in philosophical parlance, his plight may be attributed to an unforgiving Karma. This brings to mind the philosophical maxim that man’s Karma travels with him, like his shadow.

If Tunde, like most men, was conscious of this fact, he wouldn’t stand in his own shadow and wonder why it is dark.

While it may be too early to aver that Walter is mired in the darkness of his own shadow, the reality of his predicament offers interesting truths about him and his business exploits.

There is no scandal like greed, nor any crime so shameful as inordinate pilfering. In a country well governed, gluttony is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth elicits feelings of shame. But it takes a humane and open heart to understand and feel the indignity of being identified as a common thief spurred by the lure of immoderate yearnings.

Ayeni perhaps lacked a humane and open heart; that was why he pitilessly pilfered the Skye bank coffers in connivance with his management team.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has detained the former Chairman of Skye Bank Plc (now Polaris Bank), Tunde Ayeni, for alleged fraud. He was arrested and detained some days ago in Abuja.

Ayeni has ran into serious problems, his heat was no longer as hot, the federal government was hot on his heels to explain the downfall of Skye Bank while he was consequently removed as chairman of the bank.

His impotence did not catch up with him until the very end; when it did, Tunde had been demystified. As you read, the vainglory by which he prospered has been dumbed to a name.

Ayeni, the beleaguered former chairman of Skye Bank Plc who has been accused of mismanaging the funds of the bank. Ayeni, alongside top members of the bank, was going to be unceremoniously removed by the Central Bank of Nigeria in July 2016 when it was discovered that they had run the bank aground but they precipitated the move and quickly resigned.

Nonetheless, the albatross of Skye Bank’s fall still hangs on Ayeni’s neck.

However, Biola Ayeni lives an uneasy life. As the wife of Tunde Ayeni, ex-chairman of Skye Bank, her life should be a stanza of joy but no thanks to her husband, their love resounds like the spent hiss of  a dying serpent. Biola’s ingress into the life of Tunde Ayeni was electrifying and lush but her journey through the world is mired in dilemma and pain.

Biola has been suffering in silence. She is not a happy woman and her grief stems from her husband undying love for Gail Fajembola, his mistress of so many years.

By loving Gail, a 52-year-old, too much, Ayeni denies his wife the passion and devotion she craves and ought to enjoy, simply by being his wife. The ex-Skye Bank chairman, who has reportedly sunk to his neck in billions bad debt, does not give a hoot what anyone thinks as he carries on with Gail in the full glare of the world.

When the going was good for the overnight billionaire, Gail was his partner in the ruination of Skye Bank. Together, they called the shots at the bank. She was as popular in the bank’s headquarters as a regular worker. She had him wrapped around her fingers and Ayeni worshipped the ground she treads. He saw sunshine in her smile and her voice went right to his brain like a shot of single malt.

Like a yo-yo, Gail manipulated him for her selfish ends. Although he owes a lot of banks and contractors outrageous debts amounting to billions of naira, he splurged on Gail and she got whatever she wanted. To underscore his love for her, Ayeni reportedly bought her a stately mansion in the billionaire’s fortress, Banana Island, Ikoyi, and in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. And Gail knows to play the part of the cocky and sophisticated mistress. At Ayeni’s expense, she has a retinue of house-helps at her beck and call at her Banana Island residence. She also had a multi-million naira showroom opened for her business.

We hear Ayeni finds so much comfort in the company of the Cynosure Interior owner and ensure he reciprocates with commensurate resources. They are always together; that’s why you don’t get to see his legal wife, Biola with him.

Many may not have raised eyebrows if their illicit affair did not affect Ayeni’s home but the point of divergence was that Gail also determined how he treated his wife.

In fact, it took the intervention of family and friends to get Ayeni to throw Biola a modest 50th birthday party sometime back, which guests described as not befitting a billionaire’s wife celebrating such a milestone age. The long-suffering woman has taken her fate with equanimity.

However, Gail is now very close to Roland Ewubare, Group General Manager, National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS), a Corporate Services Unit (CSU) in the Exploration and Production Directorate of the NNPC charged with the responsibility of managing Nigeria Government’s investment in the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry.

Roland is also liquid but not in the mould of Tunde; what they do have in common however is the shared fixation to ensure that Gail never lacks anything any time of the day regardless whose ox is gored.

Culled from https://themuckrakeronline.com

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